William and Mary Law School

Enrichment Workshop Series

medallionThe Enrichment Workshop Series is a weekly series in which invited speakers, drawn from the faculties at William & Mary and other universities, present works in progress for comments and discussions. Paper topics and discussions vary widely. Attendance is limited to William & Mary faculty.


January 9
Professor Thomas J. Miles, Clifton R. Musser Professor of Economics and Walter Mander Research Scholar, University  of Chicago Law School
Presentation: "Can Judicial Evaluation be Crowd-sourced? Evidence from Online Evaluations"

January 16
Professor Scott Hershovitz, Professor of Law, University of Michigan Law School

January 30
Professor Kenji Yoshino, Chief Justice Earl Warren Professor of Constitutional Law, New York University School of Law

February 6
Professor Emily Kadens, Northwestern University Law School
Presentation: "Convergence and the Colonization of Custom in Pre-Modern Europe"
Opens .pdf of article.

February 13
Professor Peter A. Alces, Rita Anne Rollins Professor, William & Mary Law School
Presentation: "The Contours of the Intersection of Law and Neuroscience"

February 27
Professor Jeffrey Bellin, William & Mary Law School

March 13
Professor Barak D. Richman, Edgar P. and Elizabeth C. Bartlett Professor of Law, Professor of Business Administration, Duke University

March 27

Professor Jens David Ohlin, Cornell University Law School

April 3
Professor Tess Wilkinson-Ryan, University of Pennsylvania Law School

April 10
Professor Shima Baradaren, S.J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah

April 30
Professor Robert C. Hockett, Cornell University Law School


September 26

Professor Michael W. McConnell, Richard & Frances Mallery Professor and Director, Constitutional Law Center, Stanford Law School; Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution
Professor McConnell is the Law School's Dunn Fellow.
Presentation: "Reconsidering Citizens United as a Press Clause Case," 123 Yale Law Journal ___ (forthcoming, 2013).
SSRN. Open .pdf of article.

October 3
Professor Adam M. Gershowitz, William & Mary Law School
Presentation: "Rethinking the Timing of Capital Clemency," 113 Michigan Law Review ___ (forthcoming 2014).
SSRN. Open .pdf of article.

October 10
Professor Tara Leigh Grove, William & Mary Law School
Presentation: "Standing Outside of Article III," 162 University of Pennsylvania Law Review ___ (forthcoming 2014).
Open .pdf of article.

October 17
Professor Thomas W. Merrill, Charles Evans Hughes Professor, Columbia Law School
Presentation: "Interpreting an Unamendable Text"
Open .pdf of article.

October 24
Professor Mark Tushnet, William Nelson Cromwell Professor, Harvard Law School (Dunn Fellow)
Presentation: "In the Balance: Law and Politics on the Roberts Court"
Opens .pdf of book preface.

November 7
Professor Alan Meese, Ball Professor and Cabell Research Professor, William & Mary Law School

November 14
Professor Kerry Abrams, Albert Clark Tate, Jr., Professor, University of Virginia Law School

November 21
Professor Jeanne Fromer, New York University School of Law  

December 5
Professor Michael Trebilcock, University of Toronto Faculty of Law