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Ranked 3rd in Student-Edited Constitutional Law Journals



The William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal

Ranked 3rd in student-edited constitutional law journals by Washington and Lee’s law library, the William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal is published in four issues per annual volume, adding almost 1,400 pages to the Institute’s scholarly corpus each year. Containing both student-edited professional articles and student-written notes, staff membership is open to all interested students, but the competition for admission is intense.

Each year, as the Institute sponsors symposia on topics of contemporary constitutional significance, leading scholars from around the nation assemble at the School of Law to present papers and debate their merits. Subsequently, these papers are published in the Journal, making these symposia one of the most significant academic forums for the publication of scholarship on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Student Notes 
  • Emily E. Eineman, Note, Congressional Criminality and Balance of Powers:  Are Internal Filter Teams Really What Our Forefathers Envisioned?, 16 WM. & MARY BILL RTS. J. 595 (2007).
  • William Federspiel, Note, 1984 Arrives:  Thought(Crime), Technology, and the Constitution, 16 WM. & MARY BILL RTS. J. 865 (2008).
  • Nicholas J. Plionis, Note, The Right to Access Experimental Drugs:  Why the FDA Should Not Deprive the Terminally Ill of a Chance to Live, 16 WM. & MARY BILL RTS. J. 901 (2008).
  • Matthew D. Purcell, Note, Ninth Circuit Reversal:  The Removal of Offensive Collateral Estoppel in Alienage Proceedings, 16 WM. & MARY BILL RTS. J. 1279 (2008).
  • Emily P. Reuter, Note, Second Class Citizen Soldiers:  A Proposal for Greater First Amendment Protections for America's Military Personnel, 16 WM. & MARY BILL RTS. J. 315 (2007).
  • Catherine Rylyk, Note, Lest We Regress to the Dark Ages:  Holding Voluntary Surgical Castration Cruel and Unusual, Even for Child Molesters, 16 WM. & MARY BILL RTS. J. 1305 (2008).
  • Michele Slachetka, Note, Getting to Plan B:  A History of Contrceptive Rights in the United States and an Argument for a Private Right of Action Against the FDA, 16 WM. & MARY BILL RTS. J. 345 (2007).
  • Julie A. Wenell, Note, Garcetti v. Ceballos:  Stifling the First Amendment in the Public Workplace, 16 WM. & MARY BILL RTS. J. 623 (2007).