William and Mary Law School
Christina Murtaugh

“I am thankful every day that I am energized and enthused in my work. Coming into law school, I knew I wanted to make a difference in the world, but it was not until I began my courses in international law and development that I found a career. My current position allows me to lead research in an array of fields that has an immediate impact in the field. William and Mary enabled me to pursue this career.”

Christina Murtaugh (2009)

Program Officer, United States Institute of Peace, Rule of Law Center

Christina Murtaugh is a program officer at the United States Institute of Peace's Rule of Law Center of Innovation. She currently leads the research and publication team, and facilitates the Rule of Law forum for the International Network to Promote the Rule of Law (inprol.org), an online community of practice. She also leads rule of law programming in Libya, which includes an operational analysis of Libya’s justice and security sector, the justice and security dialogue program in Libya, and the development of a justice and security dialogue handbook. In addition, Christina previously worked on the United States Institute of Peace's Model Codes for Post-Conflict Justice Project. Prior to joining INPROL, she was a consultant for USIP’s Rule of Law Center of Innovation on various other projects. Additionally, she is one of the authors of the 2011 USIP and United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime publication entitled Criminal Justice Reform in Post-Conflict States: A Guide for Practitioners.

The law faculty at William and Mary played an integral role in Christina’s pursuit of a career in Rule of Law and Justice reforms. In 2008, she worked for USIP’s Rule of Law Center, focusing on participatory processes in rule of law reforms, and the American Bar Association's Rule of Law Initiative Azerbaijan, focusing on continuing legal education and legal aid programs. In addition to assisting Christina in her career, the faculty provided challenging and rewarding course work on international law, human rights law, humanitarian law, law and development, post-conflict justice and rule of law.