William and Mary Law School
At William & Mary I was able not only to take courses in international and environmental law, but also to engage with the many students who were dedicated to public interest work.  Throughout the years of class discussions, service trips, organization meetings, studying and study breaks, we formed a strong bond -- both intellectual and emotional -- that will forever be a motivation in my professional and personal life.

Genevieve Jenkins (2009)

Clerk of the South Africa Constitutional Court

Genevieve Jenkins graduated as the 2009 Draper’s Scholar, and went on to obtain an LL.M. in Public International Law from Queen Mary College, University of London.  In 2010, she began work as an associate for the San Francisco office of Latham & Watkins, where she focused on litigation and environmental law. 

Since law school, Genevieve has expanded her professional experience through international ventures.  As a member of a US State Department-sponsored delegation for young professionals working in the climate change field, Genevieve received a fellowship to travel to Indonesia in March 2012 to engage with Indonesia-based professionals.  In April 2013, she went to Guatemala as part of an observer delegation for the genocide trial of the country’s former de facto president, José Efraín Ríos Montt.  And in August 2013, Genevieve left her position at Latham & Watkins to work for the Johannesburg, South Africa-based Lawyers for Human Rights in their Environmental Rights Programme.  Beginning in January 2014, she will act as a clerk for Justice Van der Westhuizen on the South African Constitutional Court.  

While at William & Mary, Genevieve received a Public Service Fellowship for her work at the Brisbane, Australia-based Environmental Law Roundtable of Australia and New Zealand.  She took a number of environmental law courses, in addition to International Criminal Law, International Trade Law, Gender and Human Rights, International Business Transactions and Disability and Bioethics.  Genevieve was also a member of the William & Mary Law Review and the Moot Court team, and President of Students for the Innocence Project.