William and Mary Law School
Directory Page Title"The international and comparative law courses I took at William & Mary were consistently first rate.  They brought into sharp focus not only critical legal issues, but also the often overlooked cultural dynamics that are essential to understanding how the international legal order has developed."

Michael Dick (2006)

Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice, Office of International Affairs, Criminal Division

Selected to participate in both the Presidential Management Fellowship Program and the Attorney General’s Honors Program upon graduation from William & Mary in May 2006, Mike elected to begin his post-law school career as an Honors Program attorney with the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. Currently serving on a temporary detail with the Office of International Affairs, Mike’s responsibilities include extensive casework in international extradition and mutual legal assistance, law enforcement treaty negotiations and implementation consultations, the preparation of briefing materials for the Attorney General and Department principals, and other international criminal law matters. His work requires regular contact with U.S. federal, state, and local prosecutors and law enforcement personnel, the State Department, and various other federal agencies, as well as law enforcement counterparts abroad.

Prior to his temporary assignment, Mike worked in the Office of Intelligence, a component of the DoJ's National Security Division. There, Mike's responsibilities involved representing the U.S. Government before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to obtain authorization for sensitive intelligence operations involving national security, terrorism and counterintelligence issues. In 2009 Mike served as a staff member with the Special Interagency Task Force on Detention Policy.  Established by President Obama and charged with the mission of identifying lawful options for the detention, trial, transfer, release, or other disposition of individuals captured during armed conflicts or counterterrorism operations, the task force examined a number of complex national and international security issues. 

Before attending law school Mike served on active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps for over 26 years, achieving the rank of Colonel.  With almost eight years of overseas service, his worldwide assignments included numerous leadership positions involving multi-national and interagency operations in such places as Lebanon, Grenada, Somalia and Liberia.  A graduate of the NATO Defense College in Rome, Italy, Mike was subsequently assigned to NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, where he chaired an international committee responsible for the development of NATO-wide maritime operations agreements.  He also led the NATO Standardization Agency's negotiations with Russian Federation representatives in efforts to develop a NATO-Russia agreement for Search and Rescue at Sea.

In addition to taking classes in Comparative Law, Post-Conflict Justice, European Union Constitutional Law, Human Rights Law, and the Law of Armed Conflict, as well as participating in the W&M Summer Study Abroad Program in Madrid, Spain, Mike also participated in a W&M sponsored International Clinic in which he completed a legal research project related to genocide for the Iraqi Special Tribunal.  An energetic member of the International Law Society, Mike participated in a number of the Society’s activities, including the Open World Program, in which the W&M Law School hosted Russian Federation lawyers during visits and briefings as part of an exchange of ideas and experiences.