Week Nine

Throughout last week, I continued to fine-tune the reporting system for Free Legal Aid Centers (FLACs). We met with Akjol, a member of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), in the middle of the week. He shared his comments on the system and I am glad to say that he was mostly very impressed with the way the form worked out. Besides a few requests for wording and structural changes, he mostly focused on his concerns for allowing the centers to properly implement such a system day-to-day. We discussed creating individual gmail accounts for each FLAC, then connecting each of their forms to one another through sharable Google Docs. In this way, we can create a free system by which each FLAC can review others’ data without increasing operating expenses for the MoJ. 


My goal through to the end of the week was taking the final template and converting it into a document that can be updated throughout the year. This involved copying the original template data sheet and chart sheet twelve times (a pair for each month), then connecting the data from each table to their respective chart sheets. Altogether, this process was not mentally taxing, but quite tedious. However, this far into the process already, I was determined to complete the table before leaving the following Wednesday. I spent a few nights at a café running through the repetitive process of formula entry and checking for errors. Now, Sunday night, I have completed nearly everything. Throughout Monday and Tuesday of this week I will simply spend time color-coding and “fool-proofing” the system by preventing non-numerical data entry/changes to cells with labels.


On Thursday, the office ended work early. We left around 4pm to have a meal together on account of my departure the following Wednesday. We went to a Kyrgyz restaurant not far from my apartment. Overall, it was nice to spend time with everyone outside of a work setting. But by this point, I truly began feeling how short my remaining time was. As of then, only five full days remained. 


In anticipation of my departure, I spent that Friday simply gathering, organizing, and cleaning. On Saturday, I went with friends and friends of friends to a concert on the outskirts of the city. It was very hot, but thankfully there was plenty of shade and misting devices. The performers were almost entirely unfamiliar to me, but the environment was still great. Afterward we continued to another restaurant/club in a microdistrict of the city. I had a lot of fun, but the fact that this was my last “real” night in the city did not escape my mind. Coming home that evening, I realized everything from here onward would be directed toward my upcoming departure.