William and Mary Law School

Diplomatic events

One great perk about interning with the State Department? The parties.

As a diplomat, a large part of your job is maintaining and growing relationships with the local movers and shakers in your region, and one of the ways diplomats do this is by attending and hosting events and parties. In a given week, my boss, who was the head Political and Economic Officer in Hamburg, attended around two to three events after work, as well as events over the weekend. There was a party for every event you can imagine: art gallery openings, religious holidays, business association gatherings… and the list goes on.

During my internship, I was able to tag along to more than a few of these events with my supervisor, which of course, was a treat. One of my favorite events I attended was the French consulate’s Bastille Day celebration. The party was held at a five-star hotel in Hamburg, and the venue was decked out in red, white and blue – the colors of the French flag. The French Consul General gave a speech – in French and German – and then the guests were allowed to mingle. Many of the guests were other diplomats and local government officials, but the highlight of the night was running into the entire Besiktas football team, who were also staying at the hotel for the weekend.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a picture with any of the Besiktas players – but it was still pretty cool… although we can all agree that Galatasaray is way better.

 So all in all, diplomatic parties aren’t too shabby. They are great places to meet interesting people, network, and of course, be a poor law student and enjoy some free food!