Supporting the PELE Initiative

The Special Education Advocacy Clinic receives valuable support from a number of law-related organizations across the state of Virginia.  The Virginia Trial Lawyers Association (VTLA) has taken on PELE as a service project, and member attorneys will receive training in special education law, take on select clinic cases on a pro bono basis, and mentor clinic students.  The law firm of LeClair Ryan and the Virginia Office of Protection and Advocacy have also volunteered to assist with cases and work with clinic students.  In addition, Virginia Commonwealth University's Center for Psychological Services and Development will help with testing.

Jeffrey Breit and the law firm of Breit, Drescher, & Imprevento, the Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia, the Peninsula Autism Society, and the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association provided initial grants to get the clinic off the ground.   In addition, the Wrights conducted a one-day conference on special education law and advocacy training as a fundraiser for the PELE Initiative on January 30, 2009,  at the College of William & Mary's Sadler Center.

Give Now

If you or your organization are interested donating time or resources to the PELE initiative, please [[pele, email us]].