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Study tableThe VCPC offers you the opportunity to work with leading Virginia scientists and develop policy solutions for some of the most challenging environmental questions facing policymakers today.  As a clinic student, you will learn how to identify and analyze the most significant legal and policy issues that arise in coastal zone management and water quality protection.  You will learn how the policy process works and how to develop expert analysis to inform it, gaining a greater appreciation for the role that credible and objective legal and policy analysis plays in advising decision-making. In addition to developing your project management, research, collaboration, and oral presentation skills, you will acquire the ability to appreciate the underlying values and economic choices inherent in policymaking as well as respect and understand the many viewpoints of diverse stakeholders. 

Field Trip to the Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic students recently had the opportunity to meet with scientists at the Center for Coastal Resources Management (CCRM) at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science to discuss recurrent flooding and impacts to sea level related to climate change.  Molly Mitchell, CCRM, presented research results and summarized a report requested by the VA General Assembly entitled “Recurrent Flooding Study for Tidewater Virginia.” This report examined predictions for coastal sea level rise, associated flood risks, and adaptation strategies for impact reduction.

Mary-Carson Saunders poses a question to the CCRM scientists Molly Mitchell, CCRM, discusses adaptation strategies for recurrent flooding.

The Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic group meets at VIMS to attend a presentation by Molly Mitchell, CCRM, on recurrent flooding in Virginia.

From left to right: Kelci Block, Emilie Whitehurst, Anna Killius, Alex Horning, Lauren Gill, Dan Doty, Mary-Carson Saunders, Shana Jones, Kirk Havens.