William and Mary Law School

VCPC Student Reports

Winter 2014

  1. Strengthening the VPA General Permit: Managing Animal Feeding Operations in Virginia to Meet State Law and the Bay TMDL (VCPC White Paper 11) (.pdf)

Fall 2013

  1. Adaptive Planning for Flooding and Coastal Change in Virginia: State and Local Areas of Action (.pdf)
  2. When the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act Fails: A Suffolk Case Study (.pdf)
  3. Tidal Wetlands Protection in Virginia: Time for an Update (.pdf)

Spring 2013

  1. Sea Level Rise, Stormwater Management, and the National Flood Insurance Program: How Norfolk’s Best Management Practices Can Lower Flood Insurance Rates (.pdf)
  2. The Virginia Supreme Court’s 2012 Livingston Case: Localities and the Risk of “Takings” Claims for Failure to Properly Maintain Flood Control Structures (.pdf)
  3. Overview of a City’s Tort Liability Duties to Maintain and Protect Local Government Services from Sea Level Rise: Poquoson Case Study (.pdf)
  4. Using Zoning Tools to Adapt to Sea Level Rise (.pdf)
  5. The Dillon Rule & Norfolk Sea Level Rise: An Analysis of the Limited Impact of the Dillon Rule on Planning for Sea Level Rise in Norfolk (.pdf)
  6. Tide Turmoil: Environmental Justice and Sea Level Rise in Hampton Roads: Norfolk Case Study (.pdf)
  7. Norfolk’s Flooding Adaptation Measures: Taking Lawful Precautions or ‘Takings’ Lawsuits? (.pdf)
  8. “Takings” Liability for Vacating Roads in Flood-Prone Areas: Poquoson Case Study (.pdf)
  9. The Dillon Rule and Sea Level Rise: An Analysis of the Impact of the Dillon Rule on Potential Adaptation Measures the City of Poquoson May Implement (.pdf)