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A Wonderful Family Reunion for My Graduation

I was graduated from W&M Law School as a LL.M. on May 13, 2012 and my parents traveled here from China for the Commencement. My parents arrived one week earlier than my Commencement, and we had a busy week to treat my friends. I showed them my campus, my school, and how safe and beautiful Williamsburg is. My parents, especially my dad fell in love with the Burg. Even if he had not traveled along the eastern coast at that moment, he said the Williamsburg would be his favorite place in the U.S. which was still true when he finished his trip. Since my parents arrived, I have been set free from cooking. Living in the dorm, my dream was to have a well prepared dinner every day, and then as you know, it came true. Every morning, my parents would get up so early that made me forget they should have had jet lag. They walked around the main campus, even bought breakfast from WAWA (an American "convenience store") or restaurants on Merchant Square. The reason why that was amazing is they don't speak English. On May 17, my dad took a walk as usual, and when he came home in a rush to find his camera, I found out that there was an Antique Car Show at Merchant Square. My dad was so excited by it as as antique cars are his favorite. Most people think Williamsburg is a great place for retirement life, however, my family had a wonderful time here together.