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Before School Starts

For undergrad, I went to a huge university.  But when I visited William and Mary, I knew that a smaller university was more ideal for my graduate study. I fell in love with the people I met, first and foremost, when I came to visit during Admitted Students Weekend. Then, when I arrived in the fall, I raved for days about the mostly sunny weather and the beauty of the campus. I’m from Michigan and so while I had seen hot sunny days during the summer, I wasn’t used to seeing so much green grass and blue skies past the first weeks of fall. While Williamsburg is no New York or Chicago, I’m away now and I find myself missing some of those simple things about Williamsburg and about campus.


That said, there are five things that any new student must consider doing the first few weeks so you can get to know the area and the school that you are now enrolled. Life can get a little busy as a student, so it’s nice to try some of these things ahead of time:


  1. Take a lazy walk around campus. See where different graduate schools are, where main campus is, dining centers, the recreation center, bars, etc. And yes, go to Colonial Williamsburg. It’s right there! Other than the history, there are a lot of fun shops, cafes, and places to people watch.
  2. If you can, go to a restaurant or a catch a movie in New Town. Ichiban is my personal favorite and there is all-you-can-eat sushi during lunchtime on weekdays.
  3. Hop in a car, cab or bus to the Williamsburg Outlets. Or if you don’t like shopping, try putt-putt with a friend at Go-Karts Plus. There’s also Busch Gardens for those that love roller coasters like I do.
  4. Research student groups and activities at the law school or on main campus. Then attend their first meetings when school starts! Student organizations are a great way to make new friends in a natural way.
  5. As you prepare for classes, make sure you order your books early—you can always return them if you drop the class. Ordering on Amazon can be a cheaper option and buying used books is good as well. Also, become familiar with the professors you will have by reading a little about them on the WM website. They’ve done some amazing things and can be a help to you if you have any questions.