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Canoeing & Spooning

Never think living in Williamsburg is boring. If you love canoeing, there are a couple of places you can choose. The nearest one, Lake Matoaka, is right behind the Mason School of Business on the campus of William & Mary. Every year, the Reves Center organizes a canoe trip on either the York or James River in April. I canoed on Lake Matoaka on April 20, the last Friday right before our Reading Week. It was wonderfully relaxing there, although it was a little bit warm that day. By chance, I encountered the W&M Guiness World Record Breaking Spooning Event held at the Sunken Garden on campus. (When you spoon, you lay on your side with your back to your partner’s chest and the partner behind wraps his or her arms around you and fits around you like a puzzle.) Even though we were there a little bit late, my friend still got the chance to join the crowds. It was so exciting because we did finally break the record!! What is more, the King and Queen Ball was hosted that night, so we were dancing from 10 pm to 1 am. That was so fun that I did feel stress-free. So again, never say the “Burg” is boring, it depends on how much you explore it.canoeing