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Fun for Baking

CakeI like cakes, but never imagined I could make one by myself someday. Since we rarely use an oven at home in China, very few people know how to bake, thinking it must be a very complicated process. Bread, cakes and desserts can be only bought at bakeries.
I started learning baking about two weeks after arriving in the U.S. My American roommate affirmatively told me: "No. It is not hard at all." Observing how she quickly mixed the cake-caking powder with eggs, milk and oil according to the instructions, putting them in the Oven, and then a pan of delicious cake out 40 minutes later, I suddenly realized how easy it was. Anyone who can read English and knows how to use measuring cups can be a good baker. Since then, whenever there was a party or my friends came to visit me, I tried to do some baking, such as corn cup cakes, cranberry bread, and pumpkin pies. 
Nothing is really that easy. Real home-made cakes are not made from mixed powders bought in the market but from raw materials. In one instance, we needed a birthday cake for a professor's birthday party. Hoping to show our sincere appreciation, another student and I decided to learn from a "professional baking" friend to make a 3-layer almond chocolate cake. It was  really a complicated process, taking us more than 3 hours to accomplish it. But we really enjoyed the terrific learning experience, and the great happiness in sharing with friends.