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The “Burg” vs. Beijing

As an international student who comes from Beijing, when I first arrived at Richmond International Airport everything looked fine familiar to me, except there is more green than in Beijing. Driving towards Williamsburg, I didn’t feel much differently, which was probably due to my jet lag. After my catching up on my sleep and unpacking, I gradually recognized all of these huge differences from what I was used to. The environmental friendly atmosphere which I believe is different from any big city all of the world. However, never treat it as a countryside. Colonial Williamsburg is a historical area within walking distance from the Law School where you can gain a sense of life in the United States during the colonial era (around 1776); there are frequent fireworks (both in summer and winter), and drama performances show you what life was like for Americans living more than 200 years ago.  What is more, the Premium Outlets are famous for low prices, thus even my friend who was on his trip for a conference in Richmond would drive to Williamsburg particularly for the shopping. Every night when I finished my homework and walked home from the law library, I would see deer, rabbits, cats, or raccoons which showed up sometimes around midnight. I enjoyed my time, and did not miss noisy crowds and terrible traffic. I could say hi to strangers on the street which you would never do in a big city. And living here really provides a good chance for your study as you can focus on academic work, plus there are also plentiful resources for your practice as the faculty of the law school are really helpful.