William and Mary Law School

Yifan Lv

Country : China
Class : LL.M. 2012

About Yifan

Yifan is a citizen of China who has earned her Master of Law from Renmin University of China in June 2010. She passed the National Judicial Examination in 2008 and worked in Qingdao Wenkang Law Firm after graduation. While at William & Mary she planned to get an overview of the American legal system. Doing extremenly well in her program, she was selected to transfer into the J.D. Program and is currently in her 3L year.

Her Own Words

"During my studies at W&M Law School, I received an overview of the American legal system, and I was really surprised by the specialty of common law system. The common law system is more flexible and provides a broader range of possibilities for lawyers. I am deeply interested in this legal system and would like to take a closer look at it."