William and Mary Law School

Feri Amsari

Country : Indonesia
Class : 2014

About Feri

Feri is a citizen of Indonesia who earned his Master of Law from the Faculty of Law, Andalas University in 2008. After graduation he worked as both a senior researcher for the Center for Constitutional Studies and a Constitutional Law lecturer at this same university. After graduation, he plans to return to Indonesia where he hopes to one day become a Justice in the Indonesian Constitution Court.

His Own Words

“William and Mary is an awesome university! This is the second oldest university in America and absolutely has incredible academic traditions with pleasant city surroundings. It is near to many big cities in America and has tourist places to visit.”

“I love studying Comparative Law and Election Law. These classes make me can see broadly how people solve their problems. Through Comparative Law, I "pass beyond the borders" of many countries around the world to know how they are dealing with injustice. In Election Law, I learn deeply about many political cases and how law solves these problems.”