William and Mary Law School

Ksenia Rosenfelt

Country : Russia
Class : 2014

About Ksenia

Ksenia graduated from Tyumen State University with a Bachelor in Jurisprudence in 2010. She has since become a naturalized U.S. citizen and earned a degree in paralegal studies in the U.S. Upon completing her LL.M., she plans to work in a D.C. firm specializing in international business law.

Her Own Words

"I am truly honored that I became a part of William and Mary School of Law. Throughout my studies, I have realized how much more interested I became in learning precedent law of the United States and how many opportunities this degree will give me in pursuing my dreams. The school offers incredibly knowledgeable faculty members. They provide every student with great support and ensure that students are engaged in class discussions for better understanding of a particular subject of law. The professors inspire us daily to 'think like lawyers!' The education and individual growth that I’m getting at William and Mary will not only make me a great attorney—it will make me a better person. "