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To succeed in our increasingly interconnected legal world, today’s law graduates need a sophisticated array of global practice skills that will enable them to negotiate a variety of transnational contexts.  Recognizing the importance of these transnational practice skills, William & Mary Law School is proud to offer the nation’s first summer abroad program in Global Legal Practice, in Madrid Spain.  

Like almost every aspect of modern society, the field of law is rapidly becoming more globalized. As borders around the world blur and the economy increasingly becomes part of a larger, global market, the importance of a study abroad experience cannot be overstated.  Global Legal Practice provides an experience that enhances the typical law school curriculum by adding depth and dimension to what students learn in their U.S. classrooms and encourages them to develop a broadened perspective to take into their future legal studies and careers.  Through Global Legal Practice you will learn international, transnational and comparative law, but more importantly, you will gain invaluable global practice skills that will help you to forge an exciting legal practice, either domestic or transnational.

William & Mary Law School is a leader in global legal education.  As the first law school to establish a summer abroad program, we have been offering students the opportunity to study in Madrid for nearly 30 years.  William & Mary Law Schools’ Global Legal Practice in Madrid, Spain provides you the opportunity to live, study, and practice in one of Europe’s most exciting cities.  Our ABA-approved program is one of the most well-established and popular European programs offered by an American law school.  Since our program’s inception in 1988, we have sent more than 2,500 students from over 180 law schools to study in Madrid. 

Over the course of five weeks, you will learn from prominent Spanish law professors and practicing attorneys who are experts in their fields.  You will learn about the laws of Spain and the European Union and how they relate to an ever more international and comparative perspective in the practice of law.  You will earn five credits while adding value to your resume and increasing your marketability to future employers.  Additionally, the majority of Global Legal Practice participants secure legal employment for May and June before joining us in Madrid for July, a great combination to boost and strengthen your résumé and get an edge on your competition.

We encourage you to shop around and see what other programs are being offered. We are confident that for the time, money, credit hours, course selection, and faculty, W&M’s Global Legal Practice clearly ranks above the rest by way of its quality.