The Spaniards Love Soccer

               Real Madrid Soccer Field

The Spaniards sure do love their soccer.  This year we were fortunate to be in Spain when the Spanish national team won the Eurocup.  According to the locals, the Eurocup is more important than the World Cup.  The streets were packed with people sporting their red and gold and cheering in support of the team.  After the victory, people celebrated well into the early hours of the morning. Since the final match against Italy took place the day everyone arrived, it was a great way to be welcomed to Spain.

This week, many of the people in our group took the opportunity to go on a guided tour of Real Madrid’s soccer stadium.   Real Madrid is essentially the NY Yankees of European soccer.  The stadium is massive and holds about 87,000 spectators.  Some of the highlights included going on the pitch and into the locker rooms and pressroom. We also got to see the team’s expansive trophy collection and many of us picked up jerseys and other souvenirs at the team store.  It was a great tour and I’d love to one day come back for a game!

Real Madrid Soccer Stadium