Housing & Facilities

We are pleased to announce that for summer 2014, we will once again be staying in the Colegio Mayor Universitario de San Pablo!  It is a protected historic building, located in a residential zone of Madrid. An article (PDF) by 2010 on-site director Linda Quigley appeared in San Pablo's newsletter, describing the wonderful experience in the dormitory and the close relationship between San Pablo and William & Mary.

San Pablo aerial view


dorm room

In recent years, this wonderful residence hall has undergone extensive renovations, the most exciting of which is the addition of air-conditioning.  Each student will live in a private, single room that has free Internet access, a sink, and HV/AC.  Shared bathroom facilities are found on each floor.  Meals are served cafeteria style, with breakfast available daily and lunch and dinner served Monday - Friday.

Around the perimeter of the dorm are tennis, paddle, and basketball courts, a soccer field, and a swimming pool.  Indoor amenities include a gym (with free weights and cardio machines), a computer room (5 computers and Intlounge areaernet access), laundry service, a TV room, a library, and multiple common rooms and lounge areas, all of which have air-conditioning and Internet connections.

The program's administrative office is located on the first floor of the residence hall.  Limited office hours are scheduled Monday through Thursday and are staffed by the on-site Director or one of the student assistants.

The San Pablo dormitory is conveniently located adjacent to the Universidad San Pablo-CEU classroom buildings, where all Madrid program classes and exams are held.  The classrooms are also air-conditioned.