Why Study Abroad in Law School?


A common concern among law students is what to do during the summer. While students traditionally look for summer-long internships with legal employers, they often overlook studying abroad and the advantages it offers. William & Mary Law School's Summer Program in Madrid offers a variety of advantages to students who seek to supplement their legal education with meaningful summer experiences.

  • DISTINGUISH YOURSELF. Our ABA-approved program can give you an edge both in your job search and in your academic performance. Valuable international experience will bolster any resume and give you a talking point in interviews. You will also gain access to extensive networking opportunities with students and professors from a vast variety of backgrounds.    
  • ENHANCE YOUR EDUCATION. Our classes, which are taught in English and limited to a maximum of 35 students, offer a wide range of subjects that you may not have the opportunity to take at your home institution. You will learn from professors and practicing lawyers who are at the top of Spanish legal profession and engage with foreign students for a deeper understanding of international issues as they relate to the law. 
  • GET AHEAD. At the end of your Madrid experience, you can be five credits ahead of the rest of your class, allowing you to take a lighter load in in future semesters. When paired with a summer internship or externship, a study abroad can help you rise above the competition. 
  • BE FLEXIBILE. You can complete both an internship and study abroad during the summer.  Many students begin their summers working with a legal employer and then participate in W&M’s Summer in Madrid program the rest of the summer.  
  • IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS.  Knowing a foreign language is a valuable asset in legal practice.  Interacting with and immersing yourself in the local culture can help improve your Spanish skills.