Co-Counsel Program

The Co-Counsel program is a unique program for Marshall-Wythe students and sets William & Mary apart from any other schools across the nation.  You can help to enrich a student's experience here, as well as have the opportunity to make a real difference in the life of an aspiring lawyer. 

The Co-Counsel program starts during the first week of school in mid-August.  We will provide you with information on your Junior Counsel during the last week in September when a match is made and ask that you contact them as soon as possible.

We welcome alumni working in any field and any location to submit a form. The more diverse our pool of Senior Counsels, the more likely our students will find a good match. The Co-Counsel relationship often consists of phone calls and emails, so we encourage alumni from around the world to participate. There is no specific time commitment associated with the program, just a willingness to have regular contact with a student.

You will find a Senior Counsel sign-up form below from which Junior Counsels will select their mentors.   Please complete the form and submit it no later than August 30.  The form will come directly to Alumni Affairs Office. 

We request that you meet with your Junior Counsel during opportunities such as Alumni Weekend, if you're in the Williamsburg area, or you could have them come to your office to watch you in action.  Please make every effort to stay in contact at least once or twice monthly. (The Co-Counsel Program runs from September through May.)

If you are interested in becoming a Senior Counsel, have questions or comments, please feel free to contact Morgan Hutter, Director of Alumni Affairs, at (757) 221-3796 or email  [[mlhutter,]].  Thank you!

2016-17 Senior Counsel Form