William and Mary Law School

Faculty Activities

May 12 -13  - Professor Tara Grove's most recent article, Standing Outside of Article III, 162 U. Pa. L. Rev. __ (2014), was one of three articles selected for presentation at the 2014 New Voices in Civil Justice Workshop at Vanderbilt Law School, which will take place May 12-13.

February 20 - Professor Nathan B. Oman presented the Law School's 2014 Blackstone Lecture titled "Shakespeare and the Predicament of Contract Theory."

January 31 - Professor Timothy Zick participated in a First Amendment Roundtable at Washington University (St. Louis). The event gathered First Amendment scholars from around the country to discuss scholarship and ideas relating to the freedom of speech.

January 23 - Professor Lynda L. Butler presented the Law School's 2014 St. George Tucker Lecture titled "The Resilience of Property." Read the story.

January 16 - Dean Davison M. Douglas led a discussion of Martin Luther King's theory of civil disobedience as articulated in his famous 1963 "Letter from a Birmingham Jail." Read the story.

January 14 - Professor Michael Steven Green gave an invited talk at the Portmouth, Va., Second Tuesday Forum titled "Why Constitutionally Protect Private Arms Possession?"