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Rodney K. Adams

February - Professor Rodney Adams published a chapter titled “Trial: Defendant’s Perspective,” in the 2017 Edition of VCLE’s Medical Malpractice Law in Virginia.

February - Professor Rodney Adams co-authored an article with Lucian Roberts III on patient discharge. The article was published by the Richmond Academy of Medicine.

January - Professor Rodney Adams published the Fourth Edition of his book,  Virginia Medical Law

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Jeffrey Bellin

April - Professor Jeffrey Bellin’s article “Reassessing Prosecutorial Power Through the Lens of Mass Incarceration” was accepted for publication in the Michigan Law Review, and his article “The Silence Penalty” was accepted for publication in the Iowa Law Review.

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David Boelzner

March 31 - Professor David Boelzner presented on veterans benefits as part of a CLE sponsored by the ABA Standing Committee on Legal Assistance for Military Personnel at the University of Richmond.

March 21 - Professor David Boelzner participated in a panel discussion of veterans’ issues at a student forum held at Washington & Lee Law School.

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Tillman Breckenridge

February - Professors Tillman Breckenridge and Aaron-Andrew Bruhl submitted a Supreme Court amicus brief in Town of Chester v. Laroe Estates, Inc., a case concerning the Article III standing of interveners.

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Aaron-Andrew P. Bruhl

February - Professor Aaron-Andrew Bruhl’s article, “One Good Plaintiff Is Not Enough,” was accepted for publication in the Duke Law Journal.

February - Professors Aaron-Andrew Bruhl and Tillman Breckenridge submitted a Supreme Court amicus brief in Town of Chester v. Laroe Estates, Inc., a case concerning the Article III standing of interveners. 

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Eric D. Chason

April - Professor Eric Chason was selected to serve on the search committee for the 28th president of William & Mary. Learn more about the committee members.

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Nancy Combs

March - Processor Nancy Combs' article “Deconstructing the Epistemic Challenges to Mass Atrocity Prosecutions” was accepted for publication in the Washington and Lee Law Review.

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Evan Criddle

April 13 - The University of Oxford Business Law Blog featured by invitation forthcoming scholarship by Professor Evan J. CriddleRead Professor Criddle's post about his new paper, "The Method in Fiduciary Law's Mixed Messages."

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Adam Gershowitz

March - Professor Adam Gershowitz was a reviewer and commenter for four papers at Arizona State University’s conference on criminal justice reform. Professor Gershowitz also organized the Bill of Rights Journal’s symposium on “Big Data, National Security, and the Fourth Amendment."

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Michael S. Green

February 27 - Professor Michael Green participated in a roundtable at the University of Milan on the two-volume Pragmatics and Law (Springer 2016-17), to which Professor Green contributed a chapter.

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Tara Leigh Grove

March - Professor Tara Leigh Grove was invited to speak at the Judicial Conference for the Fourth Circuit on “Constitutional Litigation Between State and Federal Governments” this June.

March 31 - Professor Tara Leigh Grove served as a senior commentator at the Ninth Annual Junior Federal Courts Conference, held at Emory University School of Law.

February 11 - Professor Tara Leigh Grove presented her paper “The Origins (and Fragility) of Judicial Independence” at the University of Virginia School of Law. 

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Susan S. Grover

March - Professor Susan Grover was the 2017 recipient of the College’s Aceto Award, which recognizes an employee who “exhibits a commitment to the core values of William & Mary, proven leadership capabilities in working with students, faculty, and staff, and a record of outstanding individual service to the university.”

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Darian Ibrahim

January - Professor Darian Ibrahim’s article “Equity Crowdfunding: A Market for Lemons?,” 100 Minn. L. Rev. 561 (2016), was one of eight articles published in 2016 that was selected for republication in the Securities Law Review (Donald Langevoort, ed.). Read the article.

January - Professor Darian Ibrahim’s article “Intrapreneurship,” was published in the Washington & Lee Law Review. Read the article.

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Laura Heymann

April 7 - Professor Laura Heymann was also a panelist at a conference titled “The Art and Science of the IP Deal,” held at the University of Washington School of Law.

March 23 - Professor Laura Heymann presented “Does a Trademark Mean?” at a faculty workshop at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. The article will appear as a book chapter in a forthcoming volume on trademark law published by Edward Elgar.

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Fredric Lederer

January - Professor Fred Lederer and the CLCT received a grant from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation to educate judges and lawyers about the legal issues relating to the “Internet of things” and digital information. 

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Paul Marcus

March 6 - Professor Paul Marcus spoke at his alma mater, UCLA Law School on the future of legal education.

February - Professor Paul Marcus visited the University of Tennessee College of Law where he spoke to faculty and students on current issues in legal education and gave a talk on “The Interrogation of Minors.”

January - Professor Paul Marcus was also installed as President of the Association of American Law Schools at the organization’s annual meeting in San Francisco, where he gave several talks and served as the host to a large number of academics and judges from other nations.

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Thomas J. McSweeney

February - Professor Thomas McSweeney’s article “Salvation by Statute: Magna Carta, Legislation, and the King’s Soul” was published in the William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal.

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Alan J. Meese

March - Professor Alan J. Meese received the William Small Award for Faculty Excellence from the Society for the College. The Society for the College is an independent organization of alumni, students, faculty, and friends of William & Mary.

February - Professor Alan J. Meese participated in a conference at Notre Dame Law School honoring Justice Scalia’s contribution to the field of federal courts. Professor Meese's paper, “Justice Scalia and Sherman Act Textualism,” will be published in the Notre Dame Law Review.

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Sarah Wasserman Rajec

March 2 - Professor Sarah Rajec’s article “The Intellectual Property Hostage in Trade Retaliation,” 76 Md. L. Rev. 169 (2016), was reviewed by Pam Samuelson (Berkeley) on JOTWELL. Read the review

February 17-18 - Professor Sarah Rajec served as a commentator for a paper presented at a conference on patent damages, held at the University of Texas School of Law.

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Crystal Shin

March - Professor Crystal Shin presented a CLE session titled “Special Education Eligibility: A Pro Bono Training to Assist Children with Disabilities in the Public School System” to Richmond area attorneys in an effort to train more pro bono attorneys who can assist low-income parents on special education matters. 

March - Professor Crystal Shin presented two workshops on special education law to parents and guardians at the 2017 Peninsula Post Adoption Services Conference.

January - Professor Crystal Shin was recently appointed to the AALS Clinical Legal Education Committee.

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James Stern

January - Professor James Stern presented “Intellectual Property and the Myth of Non-Rivalry” at a faculty workshop at the University of Chicago Law School.

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Christie Warren

March - Professor Christie Warren was reappointed as a constitutional advisor in Ukraine. Whereas her past work there supported the constitutional reform process, she is now advising on implementation strategies, including enabling legislation, for the successfully amended constitution.

March - Professor Christie Warren traveled to Vilnius, Lithuania, to train a group of Azeri human rights lawyers on implementing long-term human rights programs in Azerbaijan. Because the training could not be conducted in Azerbaijan due to anti-assembly laws and speech restrictions, the lawyers were brought to Lithuania for training.

February - Professor Christie Warren’s article on “Islam and Constitutions” was accepted for publication in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion.

January - Professor Christie Warren gave the keynote presentation at the Fulbright Seminar on the European Union in Brussels and Luxembourg. Her talk, titled “Rebalancing Reconstruction: Law’s Role Creating, Maintaining, and Resolving Conflict,” summarized her work to date on her Fulbright research agenda. 

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