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March 11 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin discussed the prospects that the conviction of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell will be overturned on appeal on Hearsay with Cathy Lewis (89.5 FM, Norfolk's NPR affiliate). Listen to the discussion (starts at around 04:50).

March 9 - An article on Fusion.net titled "Look Who's Telling the Supreme Court to Support Gay Marriage" cites a study about the Supreme Court and amicus briefs by Professor Allison Orr Larsen. Fusion.net is a joint venture of Univision and Disney/ABC News. Read the story.

March 1 - A law review article by Professor Jeffrey Bellin was referenced in a Newsday article titled, "NYPD Commissioner William Bratton to Speak on Crime Trends; Shootings Up; Stop and Frisks Down." Read the story

February 27 - A study by Professor Neal Devins and Professor Lawrence Baum (OSU) was cited in a Washington Post Opinion essay titled "Obamacare Threatens to End John Roberts's Dream of a Nonpartisan Supreme Court." Read the story.

February 24 -  In August 2013 a three-judge Special Committee appointed Professor Jeffrey Bellin as Special Counsel to investigate a misconduct complaint filed against a prominent federal judge. The Committee on Judicial Conduct and Disability issued a second published opinion, dated February 29, that highlighted Professor Bellin's thorough investigation of the allegations in the complaint. Read the story.

February 24 - Professor Nancy Combs was quoted in the Internation Justice Tribune article titled, "The ICC's Trouble with Witnesses." Read the story

February 24 - Regionally Speaking with Steve Walsh, a program of Lakeshore Public Media, an Indiana NPR affiliate, featured an interview with Professor Christopher L. Griffin, Jr.,  about a new study, conducted with Professor Michael Stein of the Harvard Law School Project on Disability, concerning self-perception of disability among disabled veterans and how this perception affects their post-service employment rates. Listen to the interview (starts around 28:55 minutes into the broadcast). Read more about this research and download the paper ("Self-Perception of Disability and Prospects for Employment Among U.S. Veterans," SSRN).

February 22 - In an interview that aired Feb. 22 on NPR's All Things Considered, a reporter who has written about prison nurseries noted that Professor James Dwyer has raised concerns about whether such programs are in the best interests of children. Read the story.

February 20 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin was quoted in a Bloomberg Business article titled, "Virginia's Ex-First Lady Probably Will Get A Merciful Sentence". Read the story

February 20 - Professor Laura Killinger was quoted in The Star's article, "Is the Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Phenomenon a Kind of Online Prostitution?" Read the story.

February 19 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin was quoted in a Washington Times article regarding the sentencing of Maureen McDonnell, former first lady of Virginia. Read the story

February 18 - The Washington Business Journal's article "Maryland Reintroduces Ban on Google-glassing While Driving," mentions Professor Adam M. Gershowitz's research. Read the story

February 14 - Professor Tara Leigh Grove was quoted in the New York Times article, "Questions on Plaintiffs Unlikely to Derail Health Lawsuit." Read the story. The story was also published in the Huffington Post article, "Obamacare Lawsuit Set for the Supreme Court Despite Plaintiff Obstacles". Read the story.

February 1 - The National Jurist's article "Should You Study This Summer" highlighted the summer program on legal and court technology ran by Professor Fredric I. Lederer. Read the article.

February 1 - Professor Nancy Combs' research on the International Criminal Court was referenced by Andrew F. Quinlan in an opinion article published in The Washington Times. Read the story.

January 21 - Boston Globe columnist Dante Ramos took note of Professor Timothy Zick's book, The Cosmopolitan First Amendment, in a column titled "Dictating the Terms of Free Speech." Read the column.

January 8 - Pilot Online quoted Professor Jeffrey Bellin in their coverage of Maureen McDonnell's upcoming sentencing. Read the story

January 7 - The Associated Press quoted Professor Jeffrey Bellin in the story, "Two-Year Sentence for Ex-Virginia Governor Good News for Wife."  The story was published by numerous news media including The New York Times, The Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, The Miami Herald, Seattle Post Intelligencer, ABC News, WTOP, Daily Mail (UK), Richmond Times-Dispatch, Daily Press, The Daily Progress, The News & Advance, Fredicksburg.com, and News Leader.

January 7 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin discussed the sentencing of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell on HearSay with Cathy Lewis (89.5 FM, WHRV, Norfolk's NPR affiliate). Listen to the interview. (Professor Bellin's remarks begin at about 15:19).

January 6 - Profesor Jeffrey Bellin provided his reaction to the sentencing of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Read the story

January 6 - The Richmond Times-Dispatch quoted Professor Jeffrey Bellin about the upcoming sentencing of former Virignia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife. Read the story.  

January 6 - The Virginia Gazette interviewed Professor Adam M. Gershowitz about the challenges prosecutors would face if they tried to convict John Hinckley Jr. in the recent death of James Brady. Read the story.

January 5 - The Washington Post quoted Professor Jeffrey Bellin about the upcoming sentencing of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell in, "Lawyers Look to Avoid Prison for Bob McDonnell Before Sentencing". Read the story