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August 25 - Professor Patricia Roberts' essay offering advice to new law students, "Welcome to the Legal Profession," was featured in Virginia Lawyers Weekly. Read the Virginia Lawyers Weekly article.

August 18 - As the new school year began, Professor Adam Gershowitz took on a new role, that of Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development. Read the press release.

August 17 - Reporter Steven Nelson of U.S. News & World Report quoted Professor Timothy Zick in a story titled "Calling Police 'Pigs' Lands [Tennessee] Teen in Jail." Read the story.

August 13 - Professor Laura A. Heymann talked to reporter James B. Stewart of the New York Times about whether the verb "to google" means that "Google" is generic. Read the article. Read Professor Heymann's law review article, "The Grammar of Trademarks."

August 5 - Nebraska.TV published a story about Hall County's budget and prosecutors' request for funding a new position to help handle the rise in court cases there. The story cited a 2011 study by Professors Adam Gershowitz and Laura Killinger on the harm done by excessive prosecutor caseloads. Read the Nebraska.TV article

Summer - An article in the Colonial Williamsburg Journal titled "Magna Carta: Revered by Founders, 'Great Charter' Still Relevant Today" quoted Professor Thomas J. McSweeney. Read the article.

July 23 - In an interview on Scholastica Blog, Professor James Dwyer shared his thoughts about the U.S. Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling, the potential battleground in some states if opponents challenge it on the grounds of religious freedom, and the need for activists to rally public support to combat discrimination against members of the LGBT community in critical areas such housing, employment and parental rights. Read the article.

July 22 - Professor Rebecca Green's Revive My Vote Project receives a $230,000 grant from the Knight Foundation. Read the story.

July 10 - Professor Jeff Bellin is quoted in the AP story "Appeals court upholds former Virginia governor’s convictions." Read the article.

July 6 - Professor James Dwyer was among the experts quoted in The Atlantic’s “Prison Born: What Becomes of Babies Born to Mothers Behind Bars?” Read the article.

July 3 – The National Law Journal quoted Professor Patricia Roberts, director of the Puller Veterans Clinic and director of Clinical Programs, in the story titled "Law Clinics Answer the Call." Read the article. [Requires registration]

July 1 - Professor James Dwyer discussed "Infants and Inmates" on NPR’s “On Point With Tom Ashbrook.” Listen to the discussion.

June 29 - Starbucks Newsroom interviewed Professor Patricia Roberts, director of the Puller Veterans Clinic and director of Clinical Programs, on day one of a new pilot program to help the clinic extend its reach to veterans.  Read "Military Mondays: Bringing Legal Expertise to Veterans in Starbucks."

June 29 - Dean Davison M. Douglas was among guests on Hearsay with Cathy Lewis (89.5 FM, NPR, Norfolk) on a program that explored the future of the practice of law. Listen to the program.

June 26 - Professor James Stern was quoted in Law360 about the significance of June 26 and U.S. Supreme Court decisions on the gay rights movement. Read the story.

June 26 - Professor James Dwyer was among local observers quoted by the Virginia Gazette following the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.  Read the story.

June 26 - Robert Barnes of the Washington Post quoted Professor Allison Orr Larsen in the story, "[Justice] Kennedy Emerges as Judicial Champion of Gay Rights." Read the article.

June 23 - The Huffington Post quoted Professor Rebecca Green, co-director of the Election Law Program, in a story about Va. Governor Terry McAuliffe's announcement that ex-felons would no longer be required to pay outstanding court fees before their voting rights could be restored. Read the story.

June 16 - Professor Adam Gershowitz was among the experts who shared their thoughts with wallethub.com on how states can most effectively deter drunk driving. Read the story.

June 15 - On the day of the observance of the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta held in Runnymede, England, Professor Thomas McSweeney talked to John Hockenberry of WNYC and Public Radio International about the document. Listen to the interview.

June 10 - Professor James Dwyer appeared on NBC 5 in Chicago to talk about incarcerated mothers and the welfare of their newborns in a story about Heather Mack, a Chicago woman who is serving a sentence in Indonesia in connection to the murder of her mother and who recently gave birth to a baby girl. Watch the video and read the story.

June 9 - Adjunct Professor of Law Christine R. Williams, Associate Director for Research, Entrepreneurship & Professional Education at the Center for Legal & Court Technology, was quoted by The Chronicle of Higher Education in a story titled "Private Colleges' Police Departments Prepare for More Public Disclosure." Read the story.

June 8 - Professor Timothy Zick talked to Bustle.com about free speech and abortion rights in a story about Alabama Bill HB 527. The bill, which did not come up for vote by the end of the legislative session, would have prohibited abortion clinics from locating within 2,000 feet of any school. Read the story.

June 15 - Reporter John Hockenberry will interview Professor Thomas McSweeney about Magna Carta on The Takeaway. Hockenberry is a multiple Emmy and Peabody award winner.

June 3 - Professor Eric Kades talked to Fortune magazine about the non-medical reasons producing animals receive antiobiotics in the story, "Antibiotics in Meat: A Public Health Controversy That Isn't Going Away." Read the story.

June 1 - Bloomberg Law interviewed Professor Timothy Zick about the Supreme Court opinion in the Elonis "true threats" case. Listen to the podcast.

June 1 - Professor James Dwyer discussed "Free-Range Parenting" on Hearsay with Cathy Lewis (89.5 FM, NPR, Norfolk). Listen to the discussion.

June - The June edition of the Virginia Lawyer took note of a presentation by Dean Davison M. Douglas on the new Art of Appellate Advocacy video produced by the Law School.

May 27 - Professor Laura Killinger talked to People Magazine about legal issues involved in cases of alleged molestation. Read the People article concerning Josh Duggar ("19 Kids and Counting," TLC reality show).

May 26 - The Judge Advocates Foundation honored Professor Fredric Lederer with the Chief Justice John Marshall Lifetime Achievement Award, its highest honor.

May 20 - Professor James Dwyer among legal experts quoted in Main Street story about potential legal challenges facing transgender parents in disputes about custody and visitation. Read the story.

May 16 - With Good Reason radio aired its story about the Puller Veterans Clinic featuring interviews with Professor Patricia Roberts, Professor Aniela K. Szymanski, former clinic student Bill Burke, J.D. '15, and veterans and their family members served by the clinic.  Listen to the story (clinic segment starts at 5:35 in audio). In other related news, the Daily Press reported that the clinic is the recipient of a $25K grant from the Dominion Foundation. Read the story.  Channel 13 reporter Mike Gooding reported on the grant to the clinic and the clinic's ongoing work with veterans. Watch the video

May 10 - The Associated Press quoted Professor Jeffrey Bellin in a story about former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell titled "Some Developments Go Ex-Governor's Way as Hearing Nears." The story was published by ABC News, Salon, the Washington Post, and other outlets.  Read the story.

May 3 - The Daily Press asked Professor Fredric Lederer to comment on a local case in the story, "Man Spends Five Years in Jail Awaiting Trial as Experts Debate Mental Health, Competence." Read the story (opens .pdf).

May 1 - The College of William & Mary announced that Judge Cressondra Conyers, J.D. '92, an adjunct professor of law and presiding judge for the Gloucester, Mathews and Middlesex Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, is the 2015 recipient of William & Mary's Prentis Award. Read the story.

April - Professor Paul Marcuss article “Does Atkins Make a Difference in Non-Capital Case? Should It?,” 23 Wm. & Mary Bill Rts. J. 431 (2014)(SSRN) was selected by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers for inclusion in its “must read” list as part of its “Getting Scholarship into Court Project.” The article will be highlighted in an issue of The Champion, the association’s monthly magazine.

April 26-27 - Washington Post reporter Robert Barnes quoted Professor Allison Orr Larsen in his story, "Justices Kennedy and Scalia and Their Divide on Gay Rights." Read the story. Her quote and the Barnes article were noted on Wall Street Journal's Law Blog in a recap of coverage on April 27. Read Jacob Gershman's post.

April 26 - Professor Nancy Combs, who clerked for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article by Jess Bravin titled "History Suggests Kennedy Holds Key to Gay Marriage Case." Read the story.

April 25 - Legal Theory Blog, edited by Lawrence Solum, chose a recent article titled "Do Laws Have a Constitutional Shelf Life?" by Professor Allison Orr Larsen as "Download of the Week." Read more.

April 24 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin was quoted about the Daubert test in the article, "Justices Deny Rehearing in Major Product Liability Case." Read the story (site requires subscription & password).

April 14 – The Law School community gathered at the Alumni House for a dinner celebrating the contributions of two long-time faculty member, Professors Jayne Barnard and John Lee, who will retire at the end of spring semester.

April 13 - Professors Jeffrey Bellin, Evan Criddle, Adam Gershowitz and Allison Orr Larsen were among 20 W&M faculty honored with 2015 Plumeri Awards for Faculty Excellence. Read the story.

April 10 - Professors Nancy Combs, Allison Orr Larsen, Alan Meese and James Stern were featured in a W&M Law story about their experiences clerking for U.S. Supreme Court justices. Read the story.

April 9 – Jacob Gershman, Wall Street Journal reporter and blogger, discussed a new study co-authored by Professor Neal E. Devins in the WSJ LawBlog, "Study: Judges Are Far Less Biased Than Law School Students." Read the blogRead the study.

April 7 – CNN.com published an editorial by Professor Jeffrey Bellin titled, " Menendez and America's public corruption problem." Read the editorial.

April 7 - Professor Patricia Roberts has been chosen as one of 40 women by Virginia Lawyers Media to receive an “Influential Women of Virginia” recognition for 2015.  This awards program recognizes the outstanding efforts of women in Virginia in all fields, including law, business, health care, education and the arts.  The honors are given to individuals who are making notable contributions to their chosen professions, their communities and society at large. Read the article

April 6 – Dean Davison M. Douglas moderated a panel featuring W&M alumni experts on the topic "Free Speech Under Fire." Watch the video.

April 6 - The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded William & Mary a $2.6-million grant to establish the W. Taylor Reveley III Interdisciplinary Faculty Fellows. Reveley was sworn in as W&M's 27th President in 2008. Before assuming his current post, he served as dean of William & Mary Law School for almost a decade, starting in August 1998. He is the John Stewart Bryan Professor of Jurisprudence. Read the story

April 6 - The Washington Post cited a study by Professor Neal Devins and co-authors in an article titled "The Science of Why You Really Should Listen to Science and Experts." Read the story. Read about the study on SSRN.

April 3 – The Orlando Sentinel featured a guest column on marriage equality by Professor James DwyerRead the column.

April 2 -  First Amendment expert Professor Timothy Zick talked to W&M Alumni Magazine for their cover story, "Free Speech Under Fire."   Read the story.

April 1 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin told Bloomberg News that prosecutors in the case of Sen. Robert Menendez may have a harder task ahead then did prosecutors in the case of former VA Governor Robert McDonnell. Click the link to read the story, "Menendez Seen Casting Charges as Favors Between Old Buddies."

March 28 - Professor Thomas McSweeney was interviewed by With Good Reason about the legacy of Magna Carta. The show premiered March 28 and will be rebroadcast through April 4. With Good Reason is a production of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and the program may be heard on public radio stations across Virginia and in select markets nationwide. Click the link to listen to his interview.

March 25 - Professor Thomas McSweeney and Professor A. E. Dick Howard of UVA Law School discussed the impact of Magna Carta on both American and English law in honor of its 800th anniversary this year at UVA Law School. Click the link to watch on YouTube.

March 16 - Professor Tara Grove’s article “Reconsidering the Political Question Doctrine” was accepted for publication by the NYU Law Review and mentioned favorably on Larry Solum’s blog. Read the article. Read the blog

March 11 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin discussed the prospects that the conviction of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell will be overturned on appeal on Hearsay with Cathy Lewis (89.5 FM, Norfolk's NPR affiliate). Listen to the discussion (starts at around 04:50).

March 9 - An article on Fusion.net titled "Look Who's Telling the Supreme Court to Support Gay Marriage" cites a study about the Supreme Court and amicus briefs by Professor Allison Orr Larsen. Fusion.net is a joint venture of Univision and Disney/ABC News. Read the story.

March 3 - Professor James Y. Stern’s essay “ABC v. Aereo and the Humble Judge” was published in the Supreme Court Review-Preview edition of the NYU Journal of Law & Liberty and favorably mentioned on the Volokh Conspiracy blog titled, "James Stern on ABC v. Aereo". Read the Essay. Read the Blog.

March 1 - A law review article by Professor Jeffrey Bellin was referenced in a Newsday article titled, "NYPD Commissioner William Bratton to Speak on Crime Trends; Shootings Up; Stop and Frisks Down." Read the story

February 27 - A study by Professor Neal Devins and Professor Lawrence Baum (OSU) was cited in a Washington Post Opinion essay titled "Obamacare Threatens to End John Roberts's Dream of a Nonpartisan Supreme Court." Read the story.

February 24 -  In August 2013 a three-judge Special Committee appointed Professor Jeffrey Bellin as Special Counsel to investigate a misconduct complaint filed against a prominent federal judge. The Committee on Judicial Conduct and Disability issued a second published opinion, dated February 29, that highlighted Professor Bellin's thorough investigation of the allegations in the complaint. Read the story.

February 24 - Professor Nancy Combs was quoted in the Internation Justice Tribune article titled, "The ICC's Trouble with Witnesses." Read the story

February 24 - Regionally Speaking with Steve Walsh, a program of Lakeshore Public Media, an Indiana NPR affiliate, featured an interview with Professor Christopher L. Griffin, Jr.,  about a new study, conducted with Professor Michael Stein of the Harvard Law School Project on Disability, concerning self-perception of disability among disabled veterans and how this perception affects their post-service employment rates. Listen to the interview (starts around 28:55 minutes into the broadcast). Read more about this research and download the paper ("Self-Perception of Disability and Prospects for Employment Among U.S. Veterans," SSRN).

February 22 - In an interview that aired Feb. 22 on NPR's All Things Considered, a reporter who has written about prison nurseries noted that Professor James Dwyer has raised concerns about whether such programs are in the best interests of children. Read the story.

February 20 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin was quoted in a Bloomberg Business article titled, "Virginia's Ex-First Lady Probably Will Get A Merciful Sentence". Read the story

February 20 - Professor Laura Killinger was quoted in The Star's article, "Is the Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Phenomenon a Kind of Online Prostitution?" Read the story.

February 19 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin was quoted in a Washington Times article regarding the sentencing of Maureen McDonnell, former first lady of Virginia. Read the story

February 18 - The Washington Business Journal's article "Maryland Reintroduces Ban on Google-glassing While Driving," mentions Professor Adam M. Gershowitz's research. Read the story

February 14 - Professor Tara Leigh Grove was quoted in the New York Times article, "Questions on Plaintiffs Unlikely to Derail Health Lawsuit." Read the story. The story was also published in the Huffington Post article, "Obamacare Lawsuit Set for the Supreme Court Despite Plaintiff Obstacles". Read the story.

February 1 - The National Jurist's article "Should You Study This Summer" highlighted the summer program on legal and court technology ran by Professor Fredric I. Lederer. Read the article.

February 1 - Professor Nancy Combs' research on the International Criminal Court was referenced by Andrew F. Quinlan in an opinion article published in The Washington Times. Read the story.

January 21 - Boston Globe columnist Dante Ramos took note of Professor Timothy Zick's book, The Cosmopolitan First Amendment, in a column titled "Dictating the Terms of Free Speech." Read the column.

January 8 - Pilot Online quoted Professor Jeffrey Bellin in their coverage of Maureen McDonnell's upcoming sentencing. Read the story

January 7 - The Associated Press quoted Professor Jeffrey Bellin in the story, "Two-Year Sentence for Ex-Virginia Governor Good News for Wife."  The story was published by numerous news media including The New York Times, The Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, The Miami Herald, Seattle Post Intelligencer, ABC News, WTOP, Daily Mail (UK), Richmond Times-Dispatch, Daily Press, The Daily Progress, The News & Advance, Fredicksburg.com, and News Leader.

January 7 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin discussed the sentencing of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell on HearSay with Cathy Lewis (89.5 FM, WHRV, Norfolk's NPR affiliate). Listen to the interview. (Professor Bellin's remarks begin at about 15:19).

January 6 - Profesor Jeffrey Bellin provided his reaction to the sentencing of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Read the story

January 6 - The Richmond Times-Dispatch quoted Professor Jeffrey Bellin about the upcoming sentencing of former Virignia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife. Read the story.  

January 6 - The Virginia Gazette interviewed Professor Adam M. Gershowitz about the challenges prosecutors would face if they tried to convict John Hinckley Jr. in the recent death of James Brady. Read the story.

January 5 - The Washington Post quoted Professor Jeffrey Bellin about the upcoming sentencing of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell in, "Lawyers Look to Avoid Prison for Bob McDonnell Before Sentencing". Read the story