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Peter A. Alces

January - The University of Chicago Press published a new book by Professor Peter A. Alces titled "The Moral Conflict of Law and Neuroscience. Learn more.

Jeffrey Bellin

February 7 - Slate published an essay by Professor Jeffrey Bellin titled "Waiting for Justice: How One Man’s Seven-Year Wait for a Trial Reveals the Ways Mandatory Minimums Distort Our Courts." Read the story.

February 6 - "Office Hours," a new podcast co-hosted by a William & Mary Law School student, Michaela Lieberman, and Professor Jeffrey Bellin debuted with Episode 1 featuring Professor Eric Chason and a discussion on Bitcoin. Episode 2 followed on February 13 and featured Professor Stacy Kern-Scheerer and a discussion on health law. Listen on SoundCloud.  Listen on iTunes.

Eric D. Chason

February 6 - Professor Eric Chason was the inaugural guest on the Law School's new "Office Hours" podcast featuring a discussion about Bitcoin. Listen on SoundCloud.  Listen on iTunes.

January 24 - TaxProf Blog featured Professor Eric Chason's article titled "Taxing Systemic Risk," 16 U.N.H. L. Rev. 1 (2017). Go to the post.

Evan J. Criddle

February 5 - Professor Evan J. Criddle of the Law School and Professor Evan Fox-Decent of McGill University Faculty of Law are among the scholars who recently received Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Grants from the government of Canada. Read more.

Neal E. Devins

January 29 - Professor Neal Devins was quoted in a CQ Magazine cover story by Shawn Zellar titled "A Shift in the Balance of Power: A 'Hands Off' President Could Enable Congress to Restore Some of Its Diminished Influence." Read the story (subscription required).

January 5 - Reporters Brent Kendall and Jess Bravin of the Wall Street Journal quoted Professor Neal Devins in a story titled "Trump's Justice Department Takes U-Turns on Obama-Era Positions." Read the story.

January 10 - Professor Neal Devins was quoted by France 24 covering President Trump's judicial appointments. Read the story.

Alemante Gebre-Selassie

January 25 - In allAfrica, Professor Emeritus Alemante Gebre-Selassie was quoted in an article covering a high-profile prison closing that has divided politicians and experts.​ Read the story.

Adam M. Gershowitz

January 25 - The Richmond Times-Dispatch quoted Professor Adam Gershowitz in a story titled "Defense Lawyer Alleges Government Cellphone Snooping in Roanoke Drug Case. " Read the story.

Vivian Hamilton

February 17 - A&E TV cited research by Professor Vivian Hamilton and quoted her in an article titled "What Are There Still So Many Child Brides in America?"  Read the story.

January 22 - Professor Vivian Hamilton's research was cited by Inside Edition in an article about child marriage in Florida.  Read the story.

Stacy Kern-Scheerer

February 13 -  Episode 2 of "Office Hours" featured an interview with Professor Stacy Kern-Scheerer and a discussion titled "How Healthy is Health Law?" Listen on SoundCloud.  Listen on iTunes. "Office Hours" is a new podcast co-hosted by 3L Michaela Lieberman and Professor Jeffrey Bellin.

Tina L. Mohr

January 16 - Professor Tina Mohr was quoted by Williamsburg-Yorktown Daily in an article discussing the effects of new tax reforms on nonprofits.  Read the story. 

Taylor Reveley

February 7 - The U.S. Congress paid respect to the Alma Mater of the Nation and its 27th president, Taylor Reveley, as the university prepared to celebrate its 325th birthday. Read the story.

Timothy Zick

January 25 - The Daily Press quoted Professor Timothy Zick regarding news from the Virginia General Assembly, "Concerns Rise over Price's Domestic Terrorism Bill." Read the story.