William and Mary Law School

Spring 2014 Textbooks

Textbooks indicated with a call number are on reserve at the law library's Circulation & Reserve Desk. Please search William & Mary's official campus bookstore for updates. Professors may also place recommended or additional material on reserve, so please check the "Reserve Desk" in the library's online catalog.

Course Name: Professor: Textbook: On Reserve for Spring, 2014:
Accounting for Lawyers (422-01) Ridlehoover, Bradley Cunningham, INTRODUCTORY ACCOUNTING, FINANCE & AUDITING FOR LAWYERS, 6th ed., 2013, West (9780314280459) KF320 .A2 C86 2013
Administrative Law (453-01) Criddle, Evan Asimow, STATE AND FEDERAL ADMINISTRATIVE LAW, 3rd ed., 2009, West (9780314159281)  
Advanced Legal Practice - Appellate Advocacy (114A-01 thru 04) Staff Harvard Law Review, BLUEBOOK: A UNIFORM CODE OF CITATION, 19th Ed., 2010 (9780615361161)

Beazley, PRACTICAL GUIDE TO APPELLATE ADVOCACY, 3rd ed., 2010, Kluwer (9780735585102)

KF246 .U5 2010 

KF251 .B42 2010

Advanced Legal Practice - Pretrial Civil Practice (114B-01 thru 08) Staff Berger, PRETRIAL ADVOCACY, 4th ed. 2013 (9781454822318) KF8900 .B4 2013
Advanced Legal Practice - Pretrial Criminal Law (114C-01 thru 05) Staff Berger, PRETRIAL ADVOCACY, 4th ed. 2013 (9781454822318) KF8900 .B4 2013
Advanced Research II (727-01) Sekula, Jennifer
Advanced Trial Techniques (736-01) Millette, Leroy
Alternative Dispute Resolution Survey (351-01) Green, Rebecca NO TEXTBOOK REQUIRED
Anatomy of a Chapter 11 Filing (737-01) Schlerf, Jeffrey Salerno, PRE-BANKRUPTCY PLANNING FOR THE COMMERCIAL REORGANIZATION, 2nd ed., 2008, American Bankruptcy Institute (9780981865553)

Newmark, FIRST DAY MOTIONS: A GUIDE TO THE CRITICAL FIRST DAYS OF A BANKRUPTCY CASE, 3rd ed., 2012 American Bankruptcy Institute (9781937651428)

Friedland, et al., CHAPTER 11 - 101: THE NUTS AND BOLTS OF CHAPTER 11 PRACTICE, ABI CD-Rom, 2007 (9780979274220)


LexisNexis & Westlaw
Animal Law Seminar (587-01) Welch, Karen Wagman, ANIMAL LAW: CASES & MATERIALS, 4th ed., 2010, Carolina A (9781594606724)
Antitrust (411-01) Meese, Alan
Appellate & Supreme Court Clinic II (789-01) Breckenridge, Tillman
Bankruptcy Survey (306-01) Oman, Nathan Baird, BANKRUPTCY, CASES, PROBLEMS, AND MATERIALS, 4th Ed., 2007, Foundation (9781587787577)

BANKRUPTCY CODE, RULES AND OFFICIAL FORMS, June 2013 Law School Edition, West (9780314281746)
Business Law Field Consultancy Clinic II (787-01) Robinson, Neal
Campaign Finance (393-01) Reiff, Neil
Civil Litigation & State Sponsored Terrorism (366-01) Perles, Steven
Civil Litigation Strategy - Tips From the Trenches (728-01) Taylor, Job
Community Association Law (334-01) White, Elizabeth Hyatt, COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION LAW: CASES AND MATERIALS ON COMMON INTEREST COMMUNITIES, 2nd ed., 2008, Carolina Academic Press (9781594602467)
Conflict of Laws (410-01) Green, Michael Currie, CONFLICT OF LAWS, 8th ed., 2010, West (9780314195814) OR

Kay, CONFLICT OF LAWS, 9th ed., 2013, West (9780314281449)
Conflict of Rights - Antidiscrimination Laws & Civil Liberties (667-01) Bernstein, David
Constitutional Courts & Distrustful Democracies (357-01)
Constitutional Law (109-01) Zick, Timothy Sullivan, CONSTITUTIONAL LAW: UNIVERSITY CASEBOOK SERIES, 18th ed., 2013, Foundation Press (9781609302511) X2405L
Constitutional Law (109-02) Devins, Neal Fisher, POLITICAL DYNAMICS OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, 5th ed., 2011, West Law (9780314199379) KF4550 .F575 2011
Constitutional Law (109-03) Larsen, Allison Stone, CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, 7th ed., 2013, Aspen (9781454817574)
Constitutional Law (109-04) Grove, Tara Sullivan, CONSTITUTIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY CASEBOOK SERIES, 18th ed., 2013, Westlaw (9781609303761) (Supplement) X2405L
Constitutional Literacy (709-01) Slebonick, Patrick
Contracts (110-01) Alces, Peter Frier, MODERN LAW OF CONTRACTS, 3rd ed., 2012, West Law (9780314265463) X2402L
Contracts (110-02) Oman, Nathan Frier, MODERN LAW OF CONTRACTS, 3rd ed., 2012, West Law (9780314265463) X2402L
Current Topics in International Criminal Justice (316-01) Gershowitz, Adam Farnsworth, CONTRACTS CASES & MATERIALS, 7th ed., 2008, Foundation Press (9781599410302)
Corporate Finance (437-01) Tack, Carl Hamilton, CORPORATION FINANCE CASES & MATERIALS, 4th ed., 2012, West (978-0314907974)
Corporate Governance & the Public Corp. Seminar (527-01) Rudnick, Alan Eichenwald, CONSPIRACY OF FOOLS, 2005, Broadway Books (9780767911795) HD9502 .U54 E5736 2005
Corporations I (303-01) Meese, Alan NO TEXTBOOK REQUIRED
Criminal Procedure I (401-01) Marcus, Paul Cook, CRIMINAL PROCEDURE, 7th ed., 2009, Lexis (9781422470398) KF9618 .C665 2009
Criminal Procedure II (402-01) Miller, Tommy Chemerinsky, CRIMINAL PROCEDURE: ADJUDICATION, 2nd ed., 2013, Aspen (978-1454807124)

Chemerinsky, CRIMINAL PROCEDURE: 2013 CASE AND STATUTORY SUPPLEMENT, 2012, Aspen (9781454828266)
Criminal Procedure Survey  (403-01) Lederer, Fredric NO TEXTBOOK REQUIRED
Current Topics in International Criminal Justice (316-01)
Directed Reading (703-01) Rosenberg, Ronald NO TEXTBOOK REQUIRED
Directed Reading (703-02) Alces, Peter
Domestic Violence Clinic (745-01) Cunningham, Darryl NO TEXTBOOK REQUIRED
Education Law (362-01) Hamilton, Vivian Yudof, EDUCATIONAL LAW & POLICY, 5th ed., 2011, Cengage (9780495813163)
Elder Law Clinic (784-01) Mock, Helena Frolik, ELDER LAW IN A NUTSHELL, 5th ed., 2010, Westlaw (9780314926012) KF390 .A4 F752 2010 & Westlaw
Election Law Practicum-Challenges of the (376-01) Rosenstein, Joshua
Employment Discrimination (452-01) Grover, Susan Grover, EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION, 2nd ed., 2014, Carolina (9781611633085) KF3464 .A3 G76 2014
Employment Law (456-01) Abel, Christopher Rothstein, EMPLOYMENT LAW: CASES & MATERIALS, 7th ed., 2011, West Law (9781599418827)

Rothstein, EMPLOYMENT LAW: CASES & MATERIALS, 7th, 2013 Supp., West Law (9781609304058)
Energy Law (426-01) Robb, Cliona Bosselman, CASES AND MATERIALS ON ENERGY, ECONOMICS, AND THE ENVIRONMENT, 3rd ed., 2010 Foundation (9781599417226)
Entertainment Litigation Law Seminar (457-01) Marcus, Paul Nimmer, CASES & MATERIALS ON COPYRIGHT & OTHER ASPECTS OF ENTERTAINMENT LITIGATION, 8th ed., 2012, Foundation Press (9780769847351) KF2993 .N54 2012
Environmental Law (424-01) Malone, Linda Malone, ENVIRONMENTAL LAW: POLICY & PRACTICE, 2nd ed., 2011, West (9780314266590)

SELECTED ENVIRONMENTAL STATUTES, 2013-14, West (9780314658432)
KF3775 .A7 E59 2011

KF3775 .A29 U57

European Union Law (436-01)
Evidence (309-01) Bellin, Jeffrey Fisher, EVIDENCE, 3rd ed., 2012, Foundation Press (9781609300609)

Fisher, FEDERAL RULES OF EVIDENCE, 2013-14 Statutory & Case Supplement, Foundation Press (9781609304294)
Evidence (309-02) Zlotnick, Howard Waltz, EVIDENCE: CASES & MATERIALS, 11th ed., 2009, West Law (9781599414485)

Mauet, TRIAL EVIDENCE W/CD, 5th ed., 2012, Kluwer  (9781454810186)

Younger, IRREVERENT INTRODUCTION TO HEARSAY, 1977, ABA (2818440089435)

KF8935 .M28 2012

KF8969 .Z9 Y6
Family Law (416-01) Dwyer, James Dwyer, FAMILY LAW: THEORETICAL, SCIENTIFIC & COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVES, 2012, Aspen (9781454813668) KF505 .D89 2012
Family Law Clinic (746-01) Cunningham, Darryl NO TEXTBOOK REQUIRED
The Federal Courts (415-01) Grove, Tara Fallon, HART & WECHSLER’S FEDERAL COURT & FEDERAL SYSTEM, 6th ed., 2009, Westlaw (9781599413426)


Federal Income Taxation  (311-01) Chason, Eric Bankman, FEDERAL INCOME TAXATION, 16th ed., 2012, Aspen Casebook (9781454809968)
Federal Tax Clinic (743-01) Bell, Craig Lederman, TAX CONTROVERSIES: PRACTICE & PROCEDURE, 3rd Ed., 2009, Lexis Nexis (9781422422632)

Lederman, TAX CONTROVERSIES: STATUTES 2012 SUPP., 2012, Lexis Nexis (9780769847450)
First Amendment - The Religion Clauses (480-01) Zick, Timothy Selections from McConnell’s RELIGION AND THE CONSTITUTION Coursepack (9781454846925)
Government Contracts Seminar (546-01) Teal, Gilbert Tiefer, GOVERNMENT CONTRACT LAW IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY, 2012, Carolina (9781594608049)
Health Law and Policy (458-01) Kern-Scheerer, Stacy Furrow, HEALTH LAW: CASES, MATERIALS & PROBLEMS, 7th ed., 2013, West (9780314265098)
Human Rights Law (381-01) Combs, Nancy Alston, INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS, 2012, Oxford (9780199578726) K3240 .A4418 2013
Independent Legal Research (704-01) Rosenberg, Ronald
Independent Legal Research (704-02) Hatch, Benjamin
Independent Legal Research (704-03) Norment, Tommy
Independent Legal Writing (705-01) Rosenberg, Ronald
Influence of Christianity on American Law (669-01) McGarvie, Mark Sehat, THE MYTH OF AMERICAN RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, 2011, Oxford (9780195388763)


Hoffer, THE SALEM WITCHCRAFT TRIALS, 1997, University Press of Kansas (9780700608591)

McGarvie, ONE NATION UNDER LAW, 2004, Northern Illinois University Press (9780875803333)

McLaughlin, ISAAC BACKUS AND THE AMERICAN PIETISTIC TRADITION, 1967, Little, Brown…(9780316562188)

Reichley, RELIGION AND AMERICAN PUBLIC LIFE, 1985, Brookings Institution (9780815773771)

Ahlstrom, A RELIGIOUS HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, 2nd ed., 2004, Yale University Press (9780300100129)
BR516 .S43 2011

KF4783 .G67 2002
& NetLibrary

KFM2478.8 .W5 H645 1997

KF4865 .M35 2004

BX6495 .B32 M28

BL2525 .R44 1985

BR515 .A4 2004
Innocence Project Clinic II (785-01) Gerson, Frederick
Intellectual Property (448-01) Stern, James Merges, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY IN THE NEW TECHNOLOGICAL AGE, 6th ed., 2012, Aspen Casebook (9781454820093)
International Arbitration Seminar (658-01) Boykin, James Blackaby, REDFERN & HUNTER ON INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION, 5th ed., 2009, Oxford University Press (9780199557196)
International Election Principles (381-01) Young, John
International Taxation (483-01) Richardson, William Gustafson, TAXATION OF INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTIONS: MATERIALS, TEXTS & PROBLEMS, 4th ed., 2010, West (978-0314911711)

Internet Law (470-01) Williams, Christine Ku, CYBERSPACE LAW: CASES AND MATERIALS, 3rd ed., 2010, Aspen (9780735589339)
Islamic Law Seminar (604-01) Warren, Christie Kamali, SHARI’AH LAW: AN INTRODUCTION, 2008, Oneworld (9781851685653) KBP144 .K37 2008
Land Use Control (425-01) Rosenberg, Ronald Selmi, LAND USE REGULATION: CASES AND MATERIALS, 4th ed., 2012, Aspen (9781454810124)
Law & Literature (444-01) Heller, James Rogan, THE LIFEBOAT, 2013, Back Bay Books (9780316185912)

Hurston, THEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GOD, 2006, Harper (9780061120060)

Erdrich, THE ROUND HOUSE, 2013, Harper (9780062065254)

Kesey, ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST, 1999, Penguin (9780451163967)
PS3618 .O436 L54 2012/2013

PS3515 .U789 T5 2000

PS3555 .R42 R68 2012/2013

PS3561 .E667 O5 1999
Law & Psychology (353-01) Ward, Cynthia Greene, WRIGHTSMAN’S PSYCHOLOGY AND THE LEGAL SYSTEM, 8th ed., 2013, Cengage Learning (9781133956563)

Jamison, AN UNQUIET MIND, 1996, Vintage (9780679763307)
KF8700 .W75 2014

RC516 .J363 2006
Law & Social Justice Seminar (504-01) Dwyer, James NO TEXTBOOK REQUIRED
Legal Drafting for a Transactional Practice Seminar (525-01) Heuhsen, Louanna NO TEXTBOOK REQUIRED
Legal Drafting for a Transactional Practice Seminar (647-01) Spike, Michele Stark, DRAFTING CONTRACTS: HOW AND WHY LAWYERS DO WHAT THEY DO, 2007, Aspen (9780735563391) KF807 .S73 2007
Legal Practice II (112-01) Aden, Meredith
Clancy, Tim
Lowe, Mason
Miller, PRACTICING WRITTEN & ORAL ADVOCACY, 2005, Kluwer (9780735556645)
Legal Writing for LLMs II (702-01 thru 06) Rosenberg, Ronald NO TEXTBOOK REQUIRED
Mediation (722-01) McKay, Monique Frenkel, PRACTICE OF MEDIATION W/VIDEO ACCESS, 2nd ed., 2012, Kluwer (9781454802198)
Mediation Advocacy (725-01) McKay, Monique Abramson, MEDIATION REPRESENTATION, 3rd ed., 2013, Lexis (9781454831075) ON ORDER
Medical Malpractice & Health Care Liability (472-01) Marcial, Sharon NO TEXTBOOK REQUIRED
National Security Law (475-01) Novak, David NO TEXTBOOK REQUIRED
Natural Resources Law (339-01) Walker, Mike Laitos, NATURAL RESOURCES LAW, 2nd ed., 2012, West (9780314199577)
Negotiation for Lawyers (724-01) Ward, Cynthia Korobkin, NEGOTIATION: THEORY AND STRATEGY, 2nd ed., 2009, Aspen (9780735570672)

Fisher, GETTING TO YES: NEGOTIATING AGREEMENT WITHOUT GIVING IN, 3rd ed., 2011, Penguin (9780143118756)

BF637 .N4 F57 2011
Non-Profit Law Practice (473-01) Mohr, Tina Fishman, NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: CASES & MATERIALS, 4th ed., 2010, Westlaw (9781599416656)
Partnership Taxation (326-01) Richardson, William Schwarz, FUNDAMENTALS OF BUSINESS ENTERPRISE TAXATION: CASES & MATERIALS, 5th ed., 2013, West Law (9781609300654)
Philosophy of Law (450-01) Green, Michael Hart, THE CONCEPT OF LAW, 3rd ed., 2012, Oxford:Clarendon (9780199644704) K237 .H3 2012
Power & Influence (716-01) de Areilza, Jose
Presidential Power: Sources, Limits, and Constitutional (539-01) Fisher, Louis NO TEXTBOOK REQUIRED
Presidential Public Financing Seminar (613-01)
Professional Responsibility (115-01) Lowe, Mason
Property (108-01) Griffin, Christopher Dukeminier, PROPERTY, 7th ed., 2010, Aspen (9780735588998) X2404L
Property (108-02) Rosenberg, Ronald Dukeminier, PROPERTY, 7th ed., 2010, Aspen (9780735588998) X2404L
Property (108-03) McSweeney, Tom Dukeminier, PROPERTY, 7th ed., 2010, Aspen (9780735588998) X2404L
Public International Law (409-01) Criddle, Evan Dunoff, INTERNATIONAL LAW: NORMS, ACTORS, PROCESS, 3rd ed., 2010, Aspen (9780735589179)

Bederman, INTERNATIONAL LAW FRAMEWORKS, 3rd ed., 2010, West (9781599418568)

Bederman, INTERNATIONAL LAW FRAMEWORKS, 2nd ed., 2006, West (9781599410265)

KZ3110 .B42 2010

KZ3110 .B42 2006
Remedies (413-01) Lannetti, David Laycock, MODERN AMERICAN REMEDIES: CASES & MATERIALS, 4th ed., 2010, Aspen (9780735572010)

Fischer, UNDERSTANDING REMEDIES, 2nd ed., 2006, Lexis (9780820563435)

KF9010 .F57 2006
Resurgent Role of Legal History in Modern Judicial  (651-01)
Securities Regulation 1 (423-01) Barnard, Jayne Cox, SECURITIES REGULATION CASES AND MATERIALS, 7th ed., 3013, Kluwer, (9781454825012)

Selected Topics in Admiralty Law (611-01)
Selected Topics in American Legal History (547-01) Billings, Warren NO TEXTBOOK REQUIRED
Selected Topics in Disability & Bioethics Seminar (671-01) Stein, Michael
Selected Topics in Citizenship (688-01) Banks, Angela
Selected Topics in Election Law (614-01)
Selected Topics in English Legal History (581-01)
Selected Topics in Juvenile Law (598-01) Roltsch-Anoll, Jan
Selected Topics in Sports Law Seminar (663-01) Larsen, Andrew Cozzillio, SPORTS LAW, 2nd ed., 2007, Carolina (9781594602917)
Small Business Planning (446-01) Lee, John Ehrlich, BUSINESS PLANNING (Loose-leaf version), 2009, LexisNexis (9781422472705)
Social & Environmental Enterprises (319-01)
Spanish for Lawyers (711-01) Koch, Denise Ward, ABA LEGAL SPANISH PHRASEBOOK, 2011 (9781604429770)

Nissenberg, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: COMPLETE SPANISH ALL IN ONE, 2013, McGraw Hill (9780071831352)
K52 .S6 W37 2010
Special Education Advocacy Clinic (782-01) Roberts, Patricia NO TEXTBOOK REQUIRED
State & Local Taxation (322-01) Rowe, William CODE OF VIRGINIA, TITLE 58.1 KFV2430 1950 .A3 v. 8A
Statutory Interpretation Seminar (638-01) Larsen, Allison
Trademark Law (442-01) Heymann, Laura Dinwoodie, TRADEMARKS AND UNFAIR COMPETITION, 4th ed., 2013, Aspen (9781454827825) OR

Dinwoodie, TRADEMARKS AND UNFAIR COMPETITION, 3rd ed., 2011, Kluwer (9780735594869)
Trial Advocacy (720-01 thru 720-03 & -06) Clancy, Tim; Hicks, Gary; Shaw, William; Taylor, Wilford; Waters, Deborah Mauet, MATERIALS IN TRIAL ADVOCACY: PROBLEMS & CASES, 7th ed., 2011, Aspen  (9780735510449)

Mauet, TRIALS: STRATEGY, SKILLS, 2nd ed., 2009, Aspen (9780735577213)
KF8915 .Z9 M33 2011

KF8915 .T384 2009
Trial Advocacy (720-04) Lederer, Fred NO TEXTBOOK REQUIRED
Trusts and Estates (305-01) Chason, Eric Dukeminier, WILLS, TRUSTS, AND ESTATES, 8th ed., 2009, Aspen Casebook (9780735579965)
U.S. Bill of Rights in Comparative Common Law Perspective (637-01)
Veteran’s Benefits Clinic I (780-01 & 02) Matthews, Mark; Simcox, Stacey NVLSP, VETERANS BENEFITS MANUAL, 2012, Lexis Nexis (9780769869575) KF7709 .V37 2013
Veteran’s Benefits Clinic II (783-01) Matthews, Mark; Simcox, Stacey NVLSP, VETERANS BENEFITS MANUAL, 2012, Lexis Nexis (9780769869575) KF7709 .V37 2013
Virginia Civil Procedure (419-01) Zepkin, JR Zepkin, LAW 419 COURSE PACK, 2014

Michie, CODE OF VIRGINIA VOL.11 (VA CODE RULES)., Lexis Nexis (9780769857527)

KFV2430 1950 .A3 v.11
Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic (741-01) Jones, Shana
VS Orientation Seminar (001-01) Rosenberg, Ronald
White Collar Crime (440-01) Samuels, Brian Strader, WHITE COLLAR CRIME: CASES, MATERIALS, & PROBLEMS, 2nd ed., 2009, Lexis (9781422427415)

The Wire: Crime, Law & Social Politics (369-01) Gershowitz, Adam Gershowitz, THE WIRE: CRIME, LAW AND POLICY, 2013, Carolina Press (9781611631968) KF9223 .G47 2013