Buying Software for Law School

William & Mary provides all students with computer accounts and email accounts, and with no-cost access to a limited number of licensed software packages. Some of the licensed packages are available for installation on off-campus computers as well as on-campus ones. Others can only be used from on campus. Please see the campus Information Technology department's software page at for more information.

Most essential software applications, though, are not licensed or otherwise provided by the College, such as those used for:

  • email
  • Internet browsing
  • word processing

You will need to obtain these on your own, although free versions of all of these can be found on the web.  Microsoft Word is teh most used program for word processing; William and Mary offers Microsoft Office free to current students.  Information on other software packages that can be purchased through William and Mary with student pricing is located at  Widely used Internet browsers are free, however, as are many email programs (sometimes called "email clients"). Any brand or type of these applications will serve the purpose. For writing research papers, a word processor that conveniently handles footnotes is helpful.

In addition to using an email program, you can access your W&M email account with a web browser if you prefer by going to