Computer Labs and Printing

The W&M Information Technology department, or "IT," provides and supports several student computer labs around the campus. These are commonly referred to as "Public Access Computing Labs," or "PAC labs," though the term "public" in fact means "the William & Mary community," not the public at large.

Law school computer lab

Wolf Law Library Computer Lab

The Law School library has a PAC lab and a computer training lab, both of which have a large number of desktop PCs available for law students. These labs offer students access to a variety of software applications, including word processing, online legal research, spreadsheets, electronic mail, and Internet browsing. In addition, students may take advantage of interactive instructional programs distributed by the Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (see (new window).

For general information about the labs, see the W&M Public Access Computing Lab Page at (new window).

Other public access computers

The Law Library also provides many other computers scattered throughout the library for students to access electronic information such as LION (the online "card catalog" for both the College-wide and the Law School libraries), the Lexis and Westlaw legal research databases, a variety of other legal information databases, and the Web generally. The access terminals display the Library's home page at, which provides a menu of the available resources.


The law library has printers available for students, located on all three floors. All William & Mary students pay $.07 per page to print to these campus-maintained printers.

More details about configuring your computer to print to the computer lab printers are located here:

For further details on lab printing and a guide to trouble shooting printing problems, see the campus Information Technology's printing page at (new window).