Register for Classes

 Helpful Tips

Before your registration window begins:

  • Read the FAQs and learn the Banner terms
  • Search for course information by logging into Banner.  Find the course and CRN.  Review the course description and requirements by clicking on the CRN.  Note mandatory classes or specific meeting dates and pre-reqs.  Note if the course satisfies the writing requirement or is a pass/fail course.  Have alternates prepared.   Ensure you are eligible to register for the course (some courses are for specified groups of people only). 
  • Seek the permissions needed to register for independent courses, non-law courses, audit, externships or to comply with the course overlap rule
  • Check for holds.  Holds may prohibit registration, so best to care for them several days prior to your registration window opening.
  • Be careful of "cached" pages for Banner information.  Always ensure you are looking at the current data, especially with hold information. 

During your registration window:

  • Access the Add/Drop screen when your registration window opens (8:00 am on Monday for 3Ls or rising 3Ls and 8:00 am Wednesday for 2Ls or rising 2Ls).
  •  Enter CRNS.  If a course is closed and you wish to waitlist, please ensure you select the drop-down menu to affirmatively put yourself on a waiting list.
  • Students on journals or competitive teams for which they must be registered in a specific course should find that course on their registration when they log into Banner.
  • Students who have the correct permissions to register for independent work, externships or non-law courses will have these courses added to their schedule by Donna Shelton.
  • 2Ls must register for their required courses: Law 114 Advanced Practice, and Law 115 Professional Responsibility.

After you have registered:

  • Ensure you are registered for no more than 17 credit hours (registered credits and wait-list credits combined).
  • Ensure you are registered for at least 10 credit hours.
  • Ensure you have registered for no more than one seminar at this time or clinic at this time.  Seminar course numbers are in the 500-600 range.  Mini-courses do not count in the one seminar rule.
  • Ensure your registration is correct – this is ultimately your responsibility.  Please check it carefully. Use the Student Detail Schedule menu option from the Registration menu in Banner Student Self Service to view your completed schedule/registration. Be sure to check the following:    

course number and section (example: Law 114 08)


number of course credit hours (you selected the correct credit value for variable credit courses)

meeting days/times

number of graded vs. pass/fail credits for the term

Please drop unwanted courses as soon as possible to free seats for other interested students and to ensure your registration is correct. You can drop courses anytime during the registration window by logging into Banner Studetn Self Service just as you did to register.

If you have registration problems …

  • Contact  Please include your student ID number (930……), and the CRN of the course causing the problem.
  • If you encounter a registration error that you are unsure how to resolve, be sure to note the error message so we can better help resolve the problem.