Register for Classes

 Wait Listing for Courses

How to wait list for a class:

When you find that a course is closed and you see that this class has a waitlist option available (there will be numbers in the WL Capacity and WL Remaining columns), you can add yourself to the waitlist by clicking the "Add to Worksheet" button at the bottom of the page.  Type in the CRN for the course and press the Submit Changes button.  In the Action box, select the Waitlist option from the drop-down menu and press the Submit Changes button to add yourself to the waitlist.  This will add your class in a "WAITLIST" status to your Current Schedule.  

Students may only add their name to a wait list if the wait list hours plus their scheduled hours combined do not exceed 17 hours.  If a student's registration does exceed 17 max hours (registered courses plus wait list courses), the excess WL courses will be removed from the student's schedule during the adjustment period.

All wait list courses will be removed from your registration at noon on Friday of Add/Drop (the Friday of the first week of school for the term).

How to register for a wait listed class:

If your name appears on the Invitation to Add List you MUST contact the Law School Registrar to affirm your place in the class.  If your name appears on either the Invitation to Add List or the General Wait List and you are no longer interested in the course, please remove the course from your schedule so we can keep the Wait List moving.  Remember that it is very helpful to your fellow students, patiently waiting to enroll in closed courses, when you decide early in the process to drop courses for which you previously registered.

All wait list courses remaining on your schedule on Friday of Add/Drop will be removed from your registration at noon.  After noon, all open seats will be offered first-come first-served through Banner registration.

When is the Invitation to Add List distributed?:

Before the end of exams, then at least once between terms the Invitation to Add List and the General Wait List will be posted on MyLaw (you will receive notification of this in the daily Docket Digest).  Each message will state the expiration time and date for that Invitation to Add List.  During Add/Drop PROPER (this is the first week of the term) these lists are updated and distributed daily with an expiration time and date.  If your name appears on an Invitation to Add List, you have only until the posted time and date to notify the Law School Registrar of your intent to enroll in the class.  Just because your name appears on the Invitation to Add List does not mean that you are enrolled in the course.  You must contact the Law School Registrar to register.  (Note again, you are not automatically enrolled in a course just because your name appears on the Invitation to Add list.)