Register for Classes

General Registration Questions - with answers 

  •  How do I register ?

Registration is completely on-line in "Banner"  from any computer with internet access.  It is best to prepare your course list in your priority order with the CRN (see below).  Simple steps to access Banner and find definitions of common registration terms are found here.

  • When and where do I register?

3Ls or rising 3Ls register on a Monday, beginning at 8am.  2Ls or rising 2Ls register on a Wednesday beginning at 8am.  Once the registration window opens for a group of students, it will close within 24 hours to accommodate a schedule adjustment period.  Within a few weeks of priority registration, the registration period will open again and will not close until 4pm on the last day of Add/Drop.  Spring registration typically occurs the last week of October and fall registration typically occurs the 4th week of March. Check the registration home page  for specific dates and policies governing registration.  Registration is completely on-line.  Students can register from any computer with access to the Internet.

  • What is a CRN?

CRN stands for Course Reference Number. It is the first column you see when you do a course search in Banner.  Efficient registration is best achieved if you know the CRNs of the courses you wish to register for prior to attempting to register when your window opens.

  • How do I audit?

Priority registration in classes always goes to the student taking the course for a grade.  If space then is available and if the professor gives permission, a student may audit the course by completing the appropriate form and following the rules stated on the form. Auditors are not to create work for the professor (ie, may not turn in assignments to be graded), are expected to attend class and have read the materials, do not take the exam, and get no credit hours for the course.  The course title will show on the auditor’s transcript.

  • How do I wait list for a class?

When you find that a course is closed and you see that this class has a waitlist option available (there will be numbers in the WL Capacity and WL Remaining columns), you can add yourself to the waitlist by clicking the "Add to Worksheet" button at the bottom of the page.  Type in the CRN for the course and press the Submit Changes button.  In the Action box, select the Waitlist option from the drop-down menu and press the Submit Changes button to add yourself to the waitlist.  This will add your class in a "WAITLIST" status to your Current Schedule.  

  • How do I drop a class I am registered or waitlisted for?

If you wish to drop an existing course from your schedule, you must use the Action drop down box just left of the CRN for the course you wish to drop. Select Web Dropped and then Submit changes. The course is dropped from your schedule. You will no longer see it in the Current Schedule Section of the Add/Drop worksheet.

  • Per the overlap rule, how do I register for the overlapping class?

Students may register for classes that overlap as long as they overlap for no more than two class sessions.  As a mandatory prerequisite, students must obtain the permission of the professor of the class that they will miss before registering for the overlapping courses.  So to be clear: you cannot miss a class due to overlap with a second course unless you have obtained permission far in advance -- before you register for the classes.  Faculty are under no obligation to give such permission, and they often have sound pedagogical grounds for refusing to permit you to miss even one class.

  • How many hours may I register for and what is the minimum I must carry?

Students may register only for 17 credit hours – this includes courses you are waitlisted for.  Students must be registered in at least 10 credit hours per term (this does not include wait listed hours nor audit hours).  If a student registers for WL courses that then causes their registration to exceed 17 credit hours, the exess WL courses will be removed from their schedule.