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Course Information Questions with answers 

  • How can I tell if a class is graded by letter grade or pass/fail? 

This is found both on the course description and as part of the course information you will see in Banner on the “Lookup Classes to Add” screen.

  • Some classes meet only on specific days, where do I find this information?

This is found in the course information on Banner. From the “Lookup Classes to Add” screen, click the CRN of the course of interest.  This screen will give you term specific information, including specific meeting dates, for that course.

  • Some classes have mandatory requirements, where do I find this information?

This is found both on the course description and as part of the course information you will see in Banner.

  • Where do I find course descriptions?

All descriptions are in Banner, some have both a general description and term specific information.  Descriptions are also found on the web.

  • Where do I see the max enrollment for a class?  How do I know if a class has closed, or how many seats are open?

The “Lookup Classes to Add” screen is a table of the term’s courses that contains much pertinent information for registration.  The header identifies the data in each of the 19 columns of the table.  Below is the definition of the header column titles.

The column titled CAP refers to the maximum capacity for a class. This number is determined by the department.

The column titled ACT refers to the actual number of students currently enrolled in the course.

The column titled REM refers to the number of remaining open seats in a class.

The columns titled XL CAP, XL ACT, and XL REM refer to a course or courses that are cross listed with the course in your search.

Notice the column titled Attribute. This is where you will see if a course is pass/fail or meets the writing requirement or requires departmental approval to register (such as independent courses and courses available only to specific groups of students).

  • My class is variable credit, what does that mean and how do I select the correct number of credits?

Some courses are 2 credit hours of class instruction with an optional 1 more credit hour if you write a paper in addition to all other course requirements.  These courses are “variable” credits.  If you intend to comply with the course requirements that allow you the additional credit, then you must first register for the class.  Banner automatically selects the minimum number of credits allowed.  After registering for the course, you must either go back to the Registration Menu and Select Change Class Options, or select the hyperlink (highlighted credit hours) on the Add/Drop worksheet which will take you to the Change Class Options page. On the Change Class Options page you will see a selection box next to Credit Hours. In parenthesis, you will see how many credit hours a course can be taken for (ex. 2.00 to 3.00.) In the selection box, enter the number of credit hours you wish to take. Submit. If you do not SUBMIT, your changes will NOT be saved. You only need to complete this step if you are taking the course for more than the minimum number of credit hours allowed.

  • Are there courses I must register for in a term?

2nd year students must register for Advanced Practice, Law 114 in the spring.  Professional Responsibility, Law 115 can be taken in either the fall or the spring and must be taken in either the 2L or 3L year.

  • How can I tell if a course meets the writing requirement?

This is written in the course description and will be noted in the ATT column of the “Lookup Classes to Add” screen.

  • How can I tell if a course is a seminar?

Courses numbered 500-699 are seminars.