Journals and Competitive Teams

Credit-earning journals and competitive team members may be required to register for specific courses that support their positions.  The Law School Registrar's office will solicit from an organization's leadership the names of students who qualify for such registration, the course(s) in which the student is to be registered, and, if applicable, the number of credits the student is to earn in a term in the course.  Students who qualify for this type of registration should check their term registration to ensure they are correctly registered.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Team

  • Team members are given five priority registration seats in Alternative Dispute Resolution or Negotiation or General Mediation.


  • 2Ls who earned a position on a credit-earning journal are awarded one credit in the fall and one credit in the spring of their 2L year.  This credit is awarded for their note and is pass/fail.
  • 3Ls who have a Board position on a credit-earning journal may be eligible for 1-3 credits per semester, subject to the rules of the journal.

Moot Court

  • 2Ls are required to take Advanced Brief Writing in the fall term. This is a two-credit, pass/fail course.
  • 2Ls and 3Ls are eligible to earn one credit for the tournament brief they write in the semester they are competing.
  • Students who write the Bushrod or Spong tournament problems are eligible to earn graded credit; two credits for Spong, and one credit for Bushrod.

Trial Team

  • New team members (either 2L or 3L) are required to take the Trial Team Trial Advocacy course in the fall term. This is a three-credit, pass/fail course.
  • Team members are required to take when offered, Trial Strategy and Persuasion, a three-credit, pass/fail course.
  • Team members are given priority registration, when offered, in Discovery, Objections, and Depositions.