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Election Law Manual

This is a guide intended for judges, lawyers, journalists, and others interested in our electoral process and resolutions of election disputes in our courts.

In the past ten years, we have seen a dramatic increase in election-related litigation in the United States. Legal challenges to election results are now a common part of our democratic process. But there is considerable confusion about the law that governs our elections.

The purpose of this resource is to enhance our understanding of the basics of election law and election-related litigation. These materials will be of interest to judges who are called upon to resolve these disputes, as well as lawyers, journalists, and others interested in our electoral process. 

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Academic Publications
  • Professor Rebecca Green
    • Candidate Privacy, 95 Wash. L. Rev. 205 (2020)
    • Liquidating Elector Discretion, Harvard Law & Policy Review (forthcoming 2020)
    • Counterfeit Campaign Speech, 70 Hastings L.J. 103 (2019)


Election Law Online Lectures

The Election Law Program has produced a series of basic video lectures featuring election law experts Rick Hasen, Ned Foley, and Avi Rubin, with an introduction from William & Mary Law School Dean Davison Douglas.  Intended to educate judges, journalists, and the general public about election law matters:

Module 1: Why Election Law Cases Are Different

Module 2: Pre-Election Issues

Module 3: Election Day Litigation

Module 4: Post-Election Litigation

Module 5: Electronic Voting Issues

In addition to these core election law modules, each year the Program produces a video available at in conjunction with its annual Election Law Symposia aimed at covering specific election law topics useful for judges: 

  1. Managing a Recount: What Every Judge Needs To Know - an overview of the key issues judges should be aware of when handling recount and recount-related matters. 
  2. A View from the Trenches: Advice for Judges Handling Election Related Lawsuits - advice for judges handling election related lawsuits from experts Bob Bauer and Ben Ginsberg. 
  3. Redistricting Litigation: What Every Judge Should Know  - an overview of redistricting issues featuring John Hardin Young, Trevor Potter, J. Gerald Herbert, and Jessica Amunson.
  4. What Every Judge Needs to Know About Money in Judicial Elections - advice from judges about avoiding many of the pitfalls and dangers of contributions to judicial campaigns
  5. The Impact of McCutcheon on the States - attorney Kenneth Gross shares some key points in the changing landscape of campaign finance in state elections.

Each module contains videos and slides (where applicable). To view the videos, you can use your default media player or Adobe Flash Player.  In order to view the slides, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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