William & Mary Law Review and Election Law Program 2020 Redistricting Volume

In Feburary 2017, the Election Law Program cohosted its annual symposium with the William & Mary Law Review, 2020 Redistricting: Mapping a New Political Decade. The gathering included some of the country's top redistricting scholars with the aim of harnessing their intellectual energies in advance of the upcoming round of decennial redistricting in 2020. In the spring of 2018, the William & Mary Law Review published articles from the symposium, linked below:

Issue 5 (April 2018)

2020 Redistricting: Mapping a New Political Decade

A Reasonable Bias Approach to Gerrymandering: Using Automated Plan Generation to Evaluation Redistricting Proposals
Bruce E. Cain, Wendy K Tam Cho, Yan Y. Liu, & Emily R. Zhang

Race and Representation Revisited: The New Racial Gerrymandering Cases and Section 2 of the VRA
Guy-Uriel E. Charles & Luis Fuentes-Rohwer

From Educational Adequacy to Representational Adequacy: A New Template for Legal Attacks on Partisan Gerrymanders
Christopher S. Elmendorf

Taking Virtual Representation Seriously
Joseph Fishkin

The Gerrymander and the Constitution: Two Avenues of Analysis and the Quest for a Durable Precedent
Edward B. Foley

Redistricting Transparency
Rebecca Green

Race or Party, Race as Party, or Party All the Time: Three Uneasy Approaches to Conjoined Polarization in Redistricting and Voting Cases
Richard L. Hasen

Something Old, Something New, or Something Really Old? Second Generation Racial Gerrymandering Litigation as Intentional Racial Discrimination
Dale E. Ho

Reapportionment, Nonapportionment, and Recovering Lost History of One Person, One Vote
Pamela S. Karlan

Section 2 After Section 5: Voting Rights and the Race to the Bottom
Ellen D. Katz

Intent Is Enough: Invidious Partisanship in Redistricting
Justin Levitt

Prophylactic Redistricting? Congress's Section 5 Power and the New Equal Protection Right to Vote
Michael T. Morley

The Causes and Consequences of Gerrymandering
Nicholas O. Stephanopoulos

Gerrymandering and Association
Daniel P. Tokaji

Election Law "Federalism" and the Limits of the Antidiscrimination Framework
Franita Tolson