William and Mary Law School

Student Events

Raj Singh Jolly, Sikh Legal Defense Fund

IBRL Student Division Luncheon Lecture Series
February 12, 2009

Mr. Jolly serves as Legal Director for the Sikh Legal Defense Fund (SALDEF).  Prior to joining SALDEF, Mr. Jolly was Associate Counsel for a small commercial bank in Miami, Florida.  During this period, he also served as a volunteer attorney for SALDEF and provided pro bono assistance to a national advocacy group for abused and neglected children.

Mr. Jolly is the author of The Application of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to Appearance Regulations that Presumptively Prohibit Observant Sikh Lawyers from Joining the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General Corps, which was published by the Chapman Law Review (11 Chap. L. Rev. 155), and has represented SALDEF in newspapers and on television and radio programs.

Mr. Jolly is an alumnus of the Marshall-Wythe School of Law at the College of William & Mary.  He is a member of The Florida Bar.

Daily Life on a Presidential Campaign: W&M Law Students and Their Experiences in the 2008 Campaign

IBRL Student Division Luncheon Lecture Series
March 31, 2009

Did you ever wonder how a presidential campaign works or what it is like to work on a national campaign? A number of W&M Law students played significant roles in the 2008 presidential election, holding various positions with individual candidate's campaigns and state and national political parties.

Luncheon sponsored by the Student Division of the IBRL and the Election Law Society.  Panelists:  Liz Howard (3L), Alan Kennedy-Shaffer (3L), Brandi Zehr (3L), Aaron Larrimore (2L), and Ali McGuire(2L) discuss their experiences in this historic election.

The Financial Rescue Plan

Distinguished Guest: U.S. Senator Bob Bennett (R-Utah)
A Lecture Co-sponsored by the Student Division of the Institute of Bill of Rights Law, and the J. Reuben Clark Law Society
October 28, 2008

Senator Bennett was the lead Republican negotiator in the Senate during the discussions on the Emergency Economic Stabilization Plan. In this lecture, he will discuss the plan's creation and passage, as well as its short-term and long-term implications.

The Implications of the 2008 Presidential Election

Luncheon Lecture Series; Guest Speaker Professor Larry Evans, College of William & Mary
November 10, 2008

Please join the Student Division of the Institute of Bill of Rights Law on Monday, November 10th during the lunch hour (12:50-1:45) to hear Professor Larry Evans talk about the implications of the 2008 presidential election. He will discuss the potential effects of the new administration on the executive branch, legislation in  Congress, and the Supreme Court. In addition, he will present  strategies each party may use to position themselves for successfully building a majority in the next election.
Professor Evans is the Newton Family Professor of Government at the College of William and Mary.  His scholarly focus is the internal operations of the U.S. Congress, especially committees, procedures, and party leadership. Lunch will be provided.
The National War Powers Commission

Distinguished Guest: W. Taylor Reveley III, President, College of William & Mary
A Lecture Sponsored by the Student Division of the Institute of Bill of Rights Law
November 12, 2008

President Reveley served as co-director of the National War Powers Commission, a bipartisan group headed by former secretaries of state James Baker and Warren Christopher. It was brought together to try to find a practical way of getting the president and congressional leaders to consult meaningfully about war and peace decisions as they are being made, and to encourage Congress as a whole to make its views known about the end result.  The commission—a group formed by the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia—released its finding in July.

Speech Out of Doors

Luncheon Lecture Series; Prof. Timothy Zick, William & Mary School of Law, and author of Speech Out of Doors: Preserving First Amendment Liberties in Public Places.
November 18, 2008

Please join the Student Division of the Institute of Bill of Rights Law to hear W&M Law Professor Timothy Zick, an expert on free speech and federalism.  He is the author of a new book titled Speech Out of Doors: Preserving First Amendment Liberties in Public Places. Lunch will be provided.