Student International Law Papers

Abramson, Nadia United Nations Peacekeepers Can Do No Wrong: How Blue Helmets Achieved Immunity for Sexual Abuse in Cote D'Ivoire and How to Ensure Accountability in the Future 

Booth, James  Three Common Yet Dangerous Misinterpretations of Shari'ah: A Necessary Return to the Sources in this Post 9/11 Era

Crimmins, Charles J.  A Common Flaw: The Retention of State Sovereignty in the Articles of Confederation and the Charter of the United Nations

King, Shanda L  The Role Of Political Parties In Democratization: The Cases Of Turkey And South Africa

Laszlo, Joelle  Trials Instead of Tribulations: How Bringing Guantanamo Detainees to Justice in Afghanistan Can Strengthen the Rule of Law and Improve the Greater Post-Conflict Reconstruction Effort

Leroux, Laura Beth  A Jus Post Bellum for the U.S. Military: Facilitating the International Legal Debate on Post-Conflict Reconstruction

Macartney, Lillian Cultural Property Protection in the Post-Conflict Period: Exploring the Issue through the Example of the U.S. Experience in Iraq

Manjili, Fahimeh  Transitional Justice under Shari-ah

Morris, Jennifer A. Rebuilding a Troubled Nation, One Brick at a Time: Cultural Heritage and the Law in Myanmar

Roberts, Travis  Emotion, Values, and Religion: The Struggle for Legitimacy in Post-Conflict Arab Spring States

Roman, Becky  The Law of Expropriation:  A Reflection of the Underlying Social Thought of a Legal System?

Sandler, Rebecca  A Constitution Can Protect Fundamental Rights in Times of Emergency: Lessons from India and the Philippines

Safa, Omid  In Search of Harmony: The Alternative Dispute Resolution Traditions of Talmudic, Islamic, and Chinese Law

Tang, Angela  Comparative Analysis of Certain Criminal Procedure Topics in Islamic, Asian, and Common Law Systems

Wallice, Anne Natural Resource Ownership and Use Rights Under Civil, Islamic, and Customary Legal Systems

Wharton, Becky  Exclusionary Legal Systems and Their Treatment of Minorities

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