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Matt Berger

Intern for International Bridges to Justice, India

International Bridges to Justice is a non-profit organization that attempts to protect the due process rights of marginalized individuals. IBJ focuses primarily on fixing the discrepancies between human rights legislation and domestic implementation of said legislation in new industrialized nations, and protecting the basic legal rights of the people in those countries. This is achieved mainly through ensuring that competent legal representation is provided to all individuals. The field office lawyers attempt to mitigate arbitrary arrests, prolonged pre-trial detentions, and torture induced confessions or investigations. As an overall organization, IBJ has two overreaching goals. The first is to institutionalize defender practice programs throughout the world by forming partnerships with professional communities, civil society, and within state organizations. The second goal is to build a movement of grassroots defenders, of mutual support inside the international legal community. My proposed job involves directly supporting the lawyers executing the above stated tasks. I will assist in the documentation of criminal cases and in a variety of other tasks with the IBJ Fellow located in West Bengal.