I finally got to Cambodia yesterday (on my birthday!) after 36 hours of travel.  Luckily my trip was broken up in Singapore, where I had a nine hour layover.  My friend Josh picked me up at the Singapore airport and took me around for the day, including to meet his newborn baby.  Aside from the baby, the best part was probably the food -- I got to eat something called Peranakan food for the first time.  One of the dishes was a kind of poisonous nut that apparently takes about three months of preparation to make sure it is not poisonouse anymore.  It was delicious.

After Singapore, I flew straight on to Phnom Penh.  I was exhausted, but managed to stay up until 9 pm before finally going to bed.  There are a ton of long-term guests at my guesthouse, many of whom are working at NGOs in the area, so I think I made the right choice in deciding to stay at a guesthouse rather than getting an apartment. 

Work starts on Monday, so I'm just spending today getting myself organized and ready.  Hopefully I can find the office okay!