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Rob Barrett

Intern for the ABA Rule of Law Initiative, Azerbaijan


The ABA Rule of Law Initiative in Azerbaijan focuses on three main public service areas including Legal Education Reform and Civic Education, Criminal Law Reform and Anti-Human Trafficking, and Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity. The Rule of Law Initiative promotes Civic Education through a street law program which introduces legal education to students in secondary schools and engages law students to teach students about anti-corruption, human rights and basic principles of democracy. The Rule of Initiative’s criminal law reform program focuses on strengthening the quality of criminal defense representation by implementing the Criminal Procedure Code in accordance with international fair trial standards and raising public awareness about corruption. The Anti-Corruption program has targeted efforts to provide expertise to anti-corruption entities within Azerbaijan.

According to the terms of my offer for  this summer internship, my job will likely enable me to work on numerous projects in fields which “may include access to justice, criminal law, legal education reform, gender issues and continuing legal education.”  My work with this program aims to improve the lives of people throughout the world living in countries where there is no rule of law.  Promotion of basic human rights, democracy, and the prevention of global atrocities such as corruption and human trafficking are public service functions deserving of funding.