An Introduction Before I Leave

Hello All,

My name is Catherine Wilmarth, and I'll be blogging to you from Córdoba, Argentina this summer while working at the Center for Human Rights and Environment (CEDHA).  I leave the great US of A for Argentina on May 18, 2010.  CEDHA works on a number of different projects to represent victims of environmental abuse and to raise global awareness about our responsibility to protect natural resources and each other.  These include a legal clinic to provide advice to those who have suffered at the hands of ills like pollution, a program evaluating corporate environmental accountability, a program to preserve Argentina's glaciers (yes, Argentina has glaciers in its southern region of Patagonia), and other efforts to call attention to issues such as the availability of clean drinking water to all.  Though I am not yet sure which I will be helping with, all these causes are incredibly important and meaningful to the well-being of citizens across the world.  It has been a few years since I've been in South America, and I am very excited to return (in particular during a World Cup year!).  I must admit, however, that the thought of picking back up the Spanish skills that have collected a little dust in the past year and jetsetting down to Argentina with no living situation and no friends is a little intimidating, but an excellent opportunity for self-determination!

To tell you a bit about myself, I will be entering my 2L year here in the fall at W&M Law.  I am originally from Cabin John, Maryland, but came to Williamsburg for my undergraduate education, where I received a degree in International Relations from W&M in 2009.  I have a particular interest in international law and issues, especially human rights. Most of my undergrad studies were in Latin American history, politics, and culture, so I am more than elated that the Program in Comparative Legal Systems and Post-Conflict Justice has helped me find this internship.  But I can't daydream too far ahead since we're in the midst of finals here now, so I must force my attention back to the books!

See you again soon in the blogosphere,