I'll miss you, Cordoba

Hello from Buenos Aires! I'm passing through the nation's capital before I head back to our nation's capital. But I'm getting ahead of myself already - let me tell you of my last days in Cordoba. Sadly, I can't currently post pictures with these blogs, but when I am back home in a few days I will edit these blogs and add them, so check back!

I made sure to relish Argentine life and Cordoba before I rolled out of town. This meant walking around and taking pictures of all the sights, buying copious amounts of baked goods from the nearby bakery, enjoying asados and Argentine pizza and food, and of course most importantly seeing CEDHA and my friends.  Here is the Plaza de San Martin in Cordoba, and below it Buen Pastor, a block down from my apartment:


Buen Pastor

Thursday of my last full week in Cordoba we had a despedida (goodbye party) asado for our friend Kyle who was visiting from Harvard. We had a great turnout and it was my last chance to enjoy the great Argentine chorizo (sausage), beef, pork, and other succulent meats over a traditional grilling party. We also played a bunch of a card game called Chancho (Pig) - it is fun and loud, ask me how to play it sometime.


That Saturday we had a despedida for Andrew and I, the Americans, as he will be leaving soon as well. Once again a bunch of great CEDHA friends came to eat pizza, drink beer, and hang out outside of work one last time. After that the whole gang went over to fellow CEDHA volunteer Manuel's house for his birthday. Everyone had a lot of fun out that Saturday night.

I met with Daniel, my coordinator, to talk about the conclusion of my time in Cordoba. I agreed to continue working on the paper from a distance. It is tricky to figure out when the best time to complete and publish a paper like ours is, as the issue of mining is constantly evolving - bills are surging and resurging in the Congress, etc. We are currently aiming for the end of the year. I also talked to Daniel about how I want to develop the topic for my note for the Enviromental Law & Policy Review from the work I did this summer and he agreed to help me with this as well. I had a wonderful time at CEDHA both with the people and the work and plan on staying involved and keeping in touch.

After more visits to say goodbye to friends and visits to my favorite stores for more souvenirs, Tuesday night I hopped another colectivo bus to Buenos Aires. It was another overnight, about 10 hour ride. You'll have to check other posts for everything that's going on here in Buenos Aires. But Friday night I'll be back on a colectivo to Cordoba, where my plane flies out of. Saturday will be an interesting day - I'll arrive back in Cordoba at 8:30 a.m. with nowhere to go having already surrendered my apartment, I'll collect my things and freshen up and be on my way home by 5 p.m.! But I still have to make it through Buenos Aires first.

Until you scroll back to the main page and open the blog I'm about to write on Buenos Aires,