Has summer ended already?

We had quite the Swedish heat wave this past week and a half. Temperatures got up around 30 degrees Celsius, or around 85 degrees Fahrenheit. It doesn't seem like much compared to the heat wave that is currently still scorching most of the United States, but considering that air conditioning is not prevalent here, it can get uncomfortable. Just before the weekend, though, the wind blew a front in, bringing cooler temperatures, humidity, wind, and rain. The clouds were kind of nice, though, because they made it so night was almost really dark. I'm wondering now if th temperature will get back up to where it was last week, or if this is the start of a steady decline into colder autumn temperatures. No one seems to want to talk about that, though.

This past weekend, I braved the long bus ride and journeyed out to Drottningholm, the palace where the royal family often resides. It's built in the same style as Versailles and is quite a bit smaller in comparison. Then again, Versailles is an emblem of decadence and not necessarily a good thing to emulate. It was a foggy and humid day, which gave the palace a rather ominous and mysterious aura.


I enjoyed wandering through the furnished rooms and then exploring the gardens and wooded grounds. After all the rain, everything was very green. 

At IDEA, I am working away at the handouts for one of the training modules in the constitution building curriculum. Although I am expanding on drafts of the handouts, the concept has changed somewhat since the drafts were written. This means that I have a lot of leeway. I read the draft, take away the general concept, and then design a handout based on what I think is the best way to present the information we are trying to get across to the learners. It requires a lot of research, especially for the case studies.  The feedback I've been getting has been positive and very helpful, so the task is rewarding. And it's certainly putting my legal knowledge, research and writing skills to good work. I hope the module comes together like we are hoping!