Getting ready for Ireland!

It seems hard to believe that I'll be leaving for Ireland in less than two weeks! I'm definitely ready to leave the 'burg and embark on a new adventure.  The end of 1L year was time-consuming and stressful, to say the least, but I'm slowly getting everything ready for my trip. I already have a flight booked and I am going to be taking over a room in a house from the previous intern, so I'm glad that transportation and housing are taken care of. As long as I get there (barring volcanoes or other travel disasters) and have a place to sleep, everything else can be managed.

I still need to do the bulk of my preparations--packing, getting euros, squaring away my life back in the States--but I'm slowly making my way through my ever-growing to-do list. Among other things, I'm on the hunt for  good pocket Spanish dictionary. A lot of what I'll be doing at the Centre for Disability Law and Policy is comparative studies that focus on Latin America and Spain. I've studied and worked in both areas, but a good dictionary is essential, especially for looking up the more uncommon words. I wonder if there's a Spanish-English legalese dictionary.... I have a dictionary at home, but the thought of lugging my 5 lb. Oxford dictionary makes my head swim. Plus, it will eat up precious space in my suitcase. I've gotten better about packing, but it always seems like everything in my closet is just begging to be taken along with me.

I guess that's it for now. I'll update again from Galway, once I've settled into my new place and my new job.