Glorious Geneva

Few places in the world are as international as Geneva.  The UN's 8500 employees, Proctor & Gamble's 2500 employees, NGO interns, bankers, and immigrants from all over make for an eclectic mix very conducive to collaboration and cooperation.  I am happy to be here!

After spending a weekend reveling in the sunshine and vineyards around Geneva, I began my first day of work.  This involved a "gathering" of all 5 permanent staff members and the 10 or so interns, telling stories and getting to know each other.  Considering how many interns come through the IBJ Geneva office, I am sure these gatherings are commonplace, and I am sure they are always as friendly.  Diving straight into work, I began drafting guides for documentary photojournalists going into Asian countries to film the human rights fellows ("JusticeMakers") we are sponsoring.  Although it is common knowledge that many Asian countries do not have great human rights records, I was surprised at the extent to which the government is condoning or performing many of the human rights violations in many of the countries.  This was a great, eye-opening first task.

The day I received my Contracts grade I wrote my first contract at work- talk about transferring skills!  I was pleasantly surprised to find myself enjoying choosing the most appropriate language and context for IBJ's various arrangements.  I also reviewed a Grant Agreement by the side of the Deputy Director of IBJ.  This was also rewarding, especially because my input seemed to be valued as if I was a lawyer and not just an intern.

It has been fun getting to know Geneva in the summer--such a beautiful lake with delicious restaurants and delightful company.  I'm sure Archie and Edward from W&M can attest to the glory of Geneva during the summer.  I look forward to many more adventures, both at work and throughout Europe this summer!


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