La Fete de Geneve

Ever since I arrived in Geneva, people have gushed that the summer is really the best time to be here.  Apart from the lack of snow, which I appreciate, I wasn't sure quite what they meant.  I think I understand now.

The first weekend I was here, I enjoyed the sunshine and some wine up in the vineyards outside the city.  The good weather thereafter also encouraged me and the other interns in the office to go out for lunch, and almost every day we go down to the water to enjoy a delicious plat du jour (daily special) in the middle of the scenic lake.  The second weekend I was out of town attending an old college friend's wedding in Ibiza, and the third weekend I was off to London to visit some friends and spend time in hipster East London.  This weekend I was back in town and ready to enjoy the city again--and did I!  Despite the recent cold and rainy weather, I spent some time outside at a preview of the annual festival here called Fete de Geneve.  Literally this means Geneva festival, and it started off with a bunch of outdoor concerts in Old Town, the old part of the city.  There were many different acts from different countries.  I can't see how beatboxing is particularly Swiss, but it was definitely enjoyable!  I look forward to the main part of the Fete de Geneve in July, and the Monthroux Jazz Festival as well, though I hope the weather is better then!

The summer is also a great time to meet a lot of interesting people.  For example, many interns come to Geneva at this time, including at IBJ, where interns outnumber permanent staff almost 2 to 1.  The other interns are from countries as diverse as Cyprus, Australia, England, the US and Switzerland, and they all bring a cool story to the table.  Attending a house party with another intern in Nyon, a charming town 20 minutes outside of Geneva, I don't think I met one person who was not international or involved in some kind of international work.  Next stop: UN tour!

Of course, being in Europe this summer is particularly fun because of the World Cup hype and excitement.  Geneva essentially stops every time the Swiss play, and you can imagine the kind of mayhem that ensued when the Swiss beat Spain last week.  The Swiss were anything but boring!

I look forward to having friends come and visit me from the US and other places so that I may show them some of Geneva's fun in the sun!

Archie and Eddy, the other W&M Law interns


Geneva street scene