Blog 2

I've had a little over a full week now in the internship, and I am still kind of finding my way around. I've had a few things assigned to me, and I've been dispatching them with efficiency. The person in charge of the website project was out yesterday, so I'm stalled on that. I've gone over the office's page and made suggestions on improving the grammar and such.

More interesting, however, has been the absence of Leann, my immediate supervisor. While she has been away, she gave folks my contact information. So, yesterday I fielded a call from the US Embassy in Belgium and the US Embassy in Portugal. Admittedly, I could not answer the questions asked of me, but I knew where to go to find the answers.

I have also helped with some of the office's work, but technology is still an issue. I could only do part of a project yesterday because Icould not access the office's database. Hopefully the issue will be resolved shortly.

Since I am stalled on projects, I will not be afraid to ask for more stuff to do, today. I'm used to the hectic pace of law school, I suppose.

Living in DC has been something of a challenge, especially since I neglected to bring my kitchen gear up from Williamsburg. Well, that hasn't been so bad, actually, since one of my roommates is letting me borrow his stuff, which is really his former roommate's. There is a grocery store of sorts across the street from my dorm, but the prices are really outrageous. I think I'll make the extra time to walk to another store that has better prices. I did manage to set off the room's fire alarm last night, which is only the second time I have set off a fire alarm while cooking. Oh well.

Other than that, there is not too much else going on. I'm meeting a classmate next week to discuss an IBRL project, so law school affairs still occur over the summer months.