Blog 3

  So, I think I'm getting used to living in DC and what all that entails. I do have a slight quibble with Qdoba here though. Qdoba is a thousand times better than Chipotle and has more options (like quesadillas and nachos). But, DC really has an issue with expense and cutting back on rewards programs. See, Qdoba has this Qdoba card that normally means that every 11th entree is free. (1000 points for a free entree; 100 points for each entree bought.) But, at the Qdoba in DC? Nope. 84 points per entree. Really?
    Anyways, work in the office continues. I have sent off my work on the website project to my superiors for comment. The RSAT office is trying to revamp the webpage to make it look better, I suppose. I have been helping the office with its normal operation of handling transfer requests of equipment and such, too. I think I am getting the hang of it and understanding the functions of the office. 
       Let's things I can tell you about: last week I met a contingent from the Royal Norwegian Embassy. We talked about transfer cases and Norway's pending cases. Today, I'm going to lunch with someone from the Canadian Embassy.
    Last night I went to a reception at a local law firm for William and Mary folks in the DC area. It was mainly for alumni of the law school, but there were a lot of my classmates that are in the DC area for the summer. Everyone has cool internships, it sounds like.
    Well, that's about all that's going on. I should get ready to go to lunch. Hopefully next Friday I'll be going to a Weird Al concert in DC; that would be fun.